Fluid sims in GE?

As the title says… Out of curiosity, can it be done? Is there a way of making it into a mesh animation that can run in the game engine?


Any mesh animation should work in blender without any problems. However that won’t give a very convincing fluid simulation.

This is really something that should be resolved on a physics engine level, rather than an animation or a script IMO.

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I don’t know exactly what your problem is, but I just use the IPO actuator to play mesh animations within the BGE.

Are you saying that’s not working for you?

You mean I’ve been lied to? Great… I knew I should have tried it myself. I guess you can’t believe everything anyone tells you.

Just out of curiosity, the “Mesh” option in the add key menu doesn’t seem to work for me (at least in 2.41, haven’t tried in 2.42a yet). Is it broken? (I guess that’s not a real problem, since I can just [Ctrl+LeftClick] in the IPO window to add a key.)

Qnev: You could try baking the fluid sim, but I don’t know if that would make it a “mesh” anim. I tried to run soft bodies in the GE a while back with no success (I was trying to make a flag waving in the wind). Anybody with suggestions about how to convert soft bodies to mesh anim for use in GE?

i hope a fluid sim will be possible with the Ogre plug-in
It is possible with Ogre, in one of the Ogre-testfiles, you see a realtime fluid-sim.

I don’t think that a realtime fluidsime is possible in the blender game-engine right now…

As I said, It’s a physics engine/GE issue. Let’s not forget that OGRE (however great) is still only a renderer. It has to get instructions from the BGE on what to render.

Someone correct me If I’m wrong on that.

I’m pretty sure all that the Ogre plugin will do is improve the graphics engine, not physics and the like, But I could be wrong (I hope I am…) Still, I don’t mind just improved framerates, and maybe bloom and stencil shadows…

Here is a link to a thread which shows one way I tried to do softbody in the game engine.

It might be interesting.

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Wow. That’s pretty cool, honeycomb. I didn’t have time to figure out exactly how you did it, but I saw the end result and I was impressed. Sounds like it took a bit of work, though. I’m going to snoop around on the Python board to see if anyone’s written a script to do a conversion.

BTW, you’re the first fellow Michigander I’ve seen around here. Good to know I’m not the only one…

You could create a whole bunch of voxels ( like 10x10x10 of them ). I dont feel like explaining how to make the mesh because its simple and complex at the same time and really I dont have to go into the tiny details.

But if your really good at python in the GE you could run a fluid simulation on the mesh treating each vertex as a corner of a voxel/cube. You can achieve many kinds of fluid effects. This approach would be best for running simulations on gas like fluids, but not liquid ones.

I think I may give a try at a 2D simulation in blender right now. If I get good results I will let you know.

Oh BTW… Fluid simulation is not a feature that comes with ogre or any graphics engine. Ogre is strictly for rendering data provided for it. It does not do any proccessing having to do with any kind of logic or physics proccessing. Ogre is a graphics engine and thats it.

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As for the demo well the link to the post pretty much explains it all. The most tedious part was cycling the softbody from its start frame for each frame in the animation. At each frame I would apply the modifier to a copy of the original.

Then someone sent me a PM telling me and I immediatly shrunk it.

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