Fluid simulation don't work

Hello there, for start i want to say sorry for english: smiley:

I have huge problems with fluid simulation in blender 2.82 (with new physics called mantaflow) (in 2.81 with old physics same problem too), it don’t work at all, i don’t see any results and particles, but every time when i start baking in blender, it calculating something, but at the end i don’t see any changes, and in particles property tab when i choosing Liquid particle system there is “0 fluid particles for this frame” (for this i mean for all frames too, yes, Inflow is enabled)

Before i started make water for my project i watched video tutorial how to use new liquid physics, made test scene and tried it all, all was okay and worked correctly. after this tried to repeat all steps in my project (there is animated wending machine made in solidwork, not by me) and it stopped work. i tried couple of times append my project to new project when simulation 100% work - and after this i got the same bug, every time, later tried simulate water in blender 2.81 with old physics, i got simulated water with some bugs. in next day i turned on my laptop and in 2.81, 2.82 and 2.83 versions it dont working at all now, even in clear new saves.

can i fix this …? deadline coming, idk what to do with this all.