fluid simulation: fluid refuse to flow inside that half-sphere

I’m trying to make a glassmodel and a fluid splashing into it, however the fluid flows right through it instead of partially being colleted inside of it. what i did is: Make a UVsphere, cut half of it, selecting all and copied it (shift-D) and adjusted it a bit, thereafter calculated normals to outside… Anyone who can tell me what I’m doing wrong?


Thing to try.

  1. Check your fluid resolution, make sure it is at least 75.
  2. Make the walls of the bowl thicker.

Thanks, that did it. tried first with only increasing the resolution but the fluid managed to squeeze through, so I thickened the walls too.

Is there some guidelines to follow in fluid sim in order to avoid things like this?

  1. Make sure your resolution is at least 75.
  2. Make sure your mesh is thick enough.


You may also want to check out this tutorial I made for the fluid simulator. link


This one is very good, also for all other basic blender introductions I can recommend the blender Wiki…

If you haven’t already, it may be worth playing with the fluid obstacle settings - you get different results depending on whether you set “init shell”, “init volume” or “init both”. I can’t remember off-hand which is the best setting for this situation. I think either shell or both.

Thanks a lot for the response guys! LOTRjunkie, I’ve downloaded your tutorial and it’s not stored in my blender tutorial vault :slight_smile: