Fluid Simulation For Moving Objects

I have a scene where a bottle half full of liquid is being held by a character who is moving. I’m trying to find a way to make the liquid stay inside the bottle while it reacts as the character moves it; I’ve tried fluid simulations but it seemed to go through the bottle, even though the bottle was an obstacle. Is there a better way to do this? Help is super appreciated, thanks! :confused:

Sustaining the question!
I had the same issue last summer in blender 2.68: liquid in my “bottle” was drained or filling bottle up (with different slippery option). I had to do that simulation in maya.
But i’m very curious - is it possible in blender to keep liquid in moving object?

The docs do not mention this directly but I believe the domain can not be animated. With that in mind, it means you have to increase the domain size to cover the area where the animation takes place (thus increasing your bake time).

It comes back to solving for the shot. Ask yourself, how important is the fluid? I saw a simple rig of a sphere in a cup. The top part of the sphere was chopped off and it has a material for liquid. When the character moved, the sphere rotated as liquid does. Was a fluid sim involved, no. But the effect sold the illusion of fluid in a cup.

If your fluid is not being contained by your obstacle then the obstacle walls are not thick enough. So the workflow is to take your hero object that the character is holding, say the bottle. Take the bottle and create an alternate version with thick walls that are just used for the simulation. Keep the inner wall in the same place so the fluid matches the hero, by extrude or solidify the object with thick outer walls to keep the fluid inside.

The scene haves a somewhat slow motion shot of the liquid up close, so it is quite important for the liquid to look right. I will try to thicken the walls of the bottle and see how it goes. Thanks. Also what was that sphere in a cup?