Fluid simulation - How to start it later then fram 1???


I have been searching for a way to make a fluid-sim start later then frame 1. Apparently this was only “easy” in older versions of blender (Refering to the IPO-editor, and this tut:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x63-XgdS5BI).

Is there any way that, this kind of control is possible, in the never version of blender?? (Blender 2.65)

Summit: How do I make a fluid wait, let’s say 30 frames from 1, before it will flow?

I’m not sure if this is the official way, but I just discovered this: Start a new file, set up Quick Fluid and bake it. Run the animation. It will start at frame 0. Now change the Offset to -25 (minus 25) under the time section of the fluid panel for the domain object. Do not rebake. Run the animation, and the fluid will begin on frame 25. I’m not sure what other ramifications using this offset might have.

To confirm what DavePSB mentioned. This method works in the most recent version of Blender 2.68. Bake out the fluid animation as normal then after baking it go back and figure out how many seconds you want to elapse before the fluid animation starts. Also locate the the Frames Per Second (FPS) you are rendering and baking in (I usually set mine to 24). Under the Physics>Fluid Menu set the Offset to -X frames (X being the frames you want to occur before the fluid simulation occurs).

For example say you have a 24fps setting on your scene then 24 frames = 1 second, 48 frames = 2 seconds etc. Once you have set the offset to the “negative” number then hit Alt+A to run the animation again. It will update and the fluid simulation will start on the frame number you have applied in the settings.

Zombie thread! Can I interrupt the bake and re-start it where it left off?

For example, I have a very long bake eating up all my resources. But I want to do something else on my workstation and come back to the bake later.

Can I stop or pause the bake (at, say, frame 157) and restart it later at frame 158? I don’t want to re-start the bake if nothing in the project has changed.

Zombie thread! Can I interrupt the bake and re-start it where it left off?
No you can’t

Well not from within Blender. But you can do it from without, using advanced task manager utilities like Process Explorer (http://technet.microsoft.com/sysinternals/bb896653) which allow you to suspend a process. Simply locate the blender.exe process, right-click and select “Suspend” from the menu. This will free up your CPU for other tasks (but it will obviously render Blender unresponsive - so if you want to do anything in Blender you would have to start a second instance). To let Blender continue, right-click the process again and select “Resume”.

I’m obviously assuming you’re using Windows, but I’m sure there are similar tools on other platforms (probably built right into the OS).

Hope this helps.



Very helpful. I have offset my fluid simulation only by sliding offset indicator while watching and checking the animation timing, thanks.