Fluid Simulation Passing Slightly Through Obstacle

Now, before anyone else says “why didn’t you use the search function.”, I’ve searched Google and messed with Blender for the last two hours trying to figure out this problem.

Increasing the resolution doesn’t seem to improve it, nor does manipulating any of the options on the object or the baking.

The liquid will stay there, just outside the cup. (Not the liquid in the air, the liquid around just above the thin part of the wine glass) I’ve removed the subdivisions from the cup and then rebaked it, which also didn’t work.

Does anyone have ideas for a solution?

Attach or linkto your blend file so others can see waht your mistakes are

you could make a dummy glass which is very thick (use solidify) to prevent the leaks. Ultimately, after finish baking, duplicate that dummy glass and Boolean (dif) with the fluids to make the leakage disappear. you’ll still lose liquid volume anyway.

Are you sure your cup is thick enough? I know that this has happened to me before and it was because my glass didn’t have enough thickness.

wineinglass.blend (475 KB)

Note in the file the domain may be clicked invisible when I saved it.
The cup has no thickness. Since this is my first liquid simulation, as far as I had seen, there was no mention that the simulation could not handle a lack of thickness. I thought during the simulation it was calculate it could not pass through the object at all.

I will try the thickness and then a dummy glass with the Boolean.