Fluid Simulation: Using a Container?

Hi everyone! :smiley:

I have a basic understanding of fluid simulation in blender and I’m currently working on my own project to get fluid (red wine) to pour out of a bottle into a wine glass and splash all over everywhere.

I’ve got the fluids/materials all set and fine, but my problem is that the fluid which starts in the bottle just falls out when I bake.

Here is my setup:

Plane as a table
Wine Glass (obstacle)
Bottle (obstacle) with icosphere of Red Wine (fluid) inside
Big cube around everything as Domain

The bottle is animated to move up and pour into the wine glass, but every time the fluid doesn’t seem to be moving with the bottle inside of it, until pouring as the bottle pours. It’s as if it doesn’t recognize the bottle as an obstacle…

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Thank you

I have this problem too…

Animated objects cannot be used as obstacles as far as I’m aware.

your bottle needs thickness so you will need to extrude the bottle and make it thicker or use a ‘proxy’ that is thicker as your object that collides with the fluid.

For animated objects only a testing build works, and the code is not yet is CVS.


Rocketman is correct.

The bottle can be an obstacle, but if it’s animated only it’s initial state (at the first frame) will be considered in the simulation.

Animated objects will be implemented as obstacles in a future release (next one I think).

somewhere on this site someone used obstacles that moved in a fluid sim. It was a tsunami animation and the cars were obstacles.

somewhere on this site someone used obstacles that moved in a fluid sim. It was a tsunami animation and the cars were obstacles.

the cars actually were added in after the fluid simulation, read the entire thread I specifically asked about that.


Ok, now I’m getting more weird problems… I have a cup and a drop of water and a cube domain surrounding everything. The cup is an obstacle, the drop is the fluid and starts up higher, and the cube is hidden in layer 2 as the domain.

I have it set to 50 frames, and now when I bake, NOTHING happens. It says its baking (and goes pretty quick too), but then when I press alt-a, it just goes to frame 50 with the mouse thingy but nothing happens to the fluid, it doesnt even move…

I think I’m kinda confused as to what the function of the domain should be. I usually just make it a huge cube around where I want the fluid to be, but it kinda turns into the fluid i think? And half the time the domain just disappears too right before im gonna press bake…

What’s going on?

No need to hide the cube on a different layer. The domain (cube) becomes the liquid, and needs to be on the active layer.

This is probably what’s causing your problem.

OOohhh! Thanks :slight_smile:

Now my only problem is that i have a cone shaped object that has a thickness and a glass that has a thickness. I set both as obstacles and have the water drop from above. I want it to hit the cone, then dribble out of the narrower bottom side of the cone into the glass, but it does not recognize EITHER as an obstacle!

The water just goes right through it!..

Make sure your obstacle objects have their normals pointing outward (Ctrl+N).

Subdividing your meshes may help too.

If these don’t do the trick, you’ll need to adjust the FluidSim settings to be more sensitive/accurate.

No… No… No way! du you think blender is capable of doing your wine thing?

At present blender is not geared up to takeup that… As far as i know, irrespective of the shape of container (bottle in this case), blender will equate the obstacle to be cubical space…

Of course its possible, its already been proved on the blender wiki with a tutorial and an example.

If you have a obstacle; you need to rebake the scene after you baked with the domain and the liquid.

I searched the wiki for the fluid tutorial (pouring fluid into a can) , could’nt locate it… pls. post the link.:rolleyes:

so bake sim first then rebake obstacle?

hey. just wanted to point out that it is possible to use animated objects as obstacles(at least it is possible in version 2.43) i have made a thing in which the glass is first filled and then a cube(ice) is dropped into the filled glass. the normal splashes are made though the animation of the ice starts at frame 63(and not frame 1 as someone ponted out). can someone help me, i need to fill the glass with an inflow, but i just cant stop the inflow after the glass is filled up. so can someone tell me how to stop the inflow.