Fluid Simulation with moving HighPoly Object - Shortening Rendertimes

Hi Guys,

I’m working at an animation project for my studies.
The ending sequence of the film includes 3 statues sinking in a black ocean.

i created 2 versions for this:

  1. A non physical version (aka my backup plan): Animated Statue, ocean Modifier
  2. A physical version: Statue as Obstacle, Fluid sim beneath it

Since i have little to no experience with fluid simulations, I hope you got some advice for me to cut down the bake- and rendertimes. All of the tutorials I was watching just used basic objects as obstacle objects which doesn’t work for me this time.

(screens from the modifier version)

link to the fluid sim file:

Thanks in advance and Greetings,

To have a good looking simulation the fluid should look like fluid in relation to the objects being used as obstacles. Your fluid resolution is low and your model is high res with high detail. Without baking this I’d guess the result will look like garbage. Don’t use a fluid sim for this just fake it

I hope you got some advice for me to cut down the bake- and rendertimes.
For baking
High domain resolution = long bake times = detail fluid
Low domain resolution = shorter bake times = low detail fluid
It’s up to YOU to decide where the best balance lies
Make domain as small as it needs to be
Make obstacles as low res as you can get away with (the obstacle used for baking does not have to be the same object used for rendering)
Rendering is not really an issue

ok, thx. So you’d go with version 1 and fake it. I tried it and it looks ok, for it’s purpose. I#m gonna try to cut down the Polys and the fuild domain today. Is there an option to create some kind of a hit box over the obstacle, that acts as collision and is more low res than the actual model?