fluid simulator - make real?

Once you have a fluid simulated, how do you convert that to a workable mesh? Is there a way to import the .bobj files once they’re created by the sim?

i am not sure, but search for ‘baking’ that is the thing you want.

I did as you said but couldn’t find anything.

I think baking is what does the actual caculations. I tried “apply deformation” but that didn’t work.

I tried “apply deformation” but that didn’t work.

Ctrl-Shft-A ? Try the Apply Deformation script (in the Scripts window under Mesh)


I’m pretty sure that the answer here is “No.” Or at least, not yet.

If you want the mesh data…you can export it as any of the types…for ex wavefront.obj or wings3d type …and then import it again in the required blend file