fluid sticking to objects

i am trying to make a waterfall where the water falls onto a 45 degree surface, then hits 2 consecutive surfaces.
problem is the fluid comes out in chunks rather than a steady stream and those chunks stick to the edges of the water fall instead of ricocheting to the next one.
any suggestions?

There are few parameters I can think of when it comes to fixing a water simulation: Fluid resolution, world size, inflow speed…

You should consider attaching (at least a simplified version of) your blend file. If you can’t attach yet, upload to http://www.pasteall.org and copy/paste the link into your post. That helps us to help you.

Still, I can think of something that is easy to check: Slip. If the water sticks to the surface of the obstacles, reduce the slip. If “No Slip” works fine in your scene, that’s even better. Faster calculations…

Everything kaluura said, plus for the water in chunks try increasing the size of your fluid emitter. And definitely jack up the inflow velocity. And increase the resolution.

Those statements got me thinking, and this could just be another way to say what you already said…
What if i scaled everything up to maybe twice the size?

Scaling everything won’t work (I think) because your real world size on the domain will just adapt to the new scale. Either increase the fluid emitters size, increase the real world size or turn up the flow (and res). Or all 4. A few bakes and you should have it.