Fluid test

Here is a little test with fluids I made a two days ago


I think no one replied because it’s a typical fluid in cube simulation, make something that would capture attention like a piller of glasses being filled.

paya, how did you get such a nice clean downpour prior to the splash?

You are right, this is very typical fluid simulation in cube. BUT I will try to make something what would capture attention - give me a few days.

There’s a force in Z-axis on Inflow object and also vector blur.

OK, paya… I give, could you show your layout, plus settings for the fluid, and domain? I’ve tried several things this morning, and nothing works quite right.

Seems like every time I bake, the fluid "stretch"displaces on the X axis to the edge of the domain in frame 1 and then drops and misses my awaiting glass.


This setup is just the glass setup as an obstacle, the fluid (I tried it both as here, and as an inflow with the same basic result in the offset), and the domain to surround the fluid object, as well as the glass obstacle object.

Here you go…


Nice material, could use some Nor, nice water, could use a conatainer ( :stuck_out_tongue: )