Fluid to Fire - Fuel Flowing from nozzel and then ignition

Hello All!

I’ve been at blender for a few weeks now - i’m quite impressed, especially with all of the great information in this forum (my first post!)!

I’m attempting to animate fuel flowing from a hose. I got the fluid part down - i’m stuck as I want the fuel to “ignite” a given distance away from the nozzle. So for the rendering i want to show the fluid (fuel) coming from end of the hose and then igniting.

Anyone seen a write-up on the underlying process? Any tips/tricks? Thanks a bunch in advance - i’m completely stuck!

Are you just wanting to ignite a puddle of fuel or have the fire follow the fuel trail. Maybe this will at least give you some ideas. If your trying to get to to follow the fuel, you could create a particle system and have it following a path. I’m sure more experienced blender users could prolly give you a better way.