Fluid Woes of a Noob

Hope I posted this in the right section,

Hey so yah im a noob haha. I got my general modeling skills down, texturing, etc. and now am trying my hand at fluids. I know you need a domain, a fluid, and if you want something interacting with the fluid (not in realtime) they need to be specified as obstacle. So here is what I am going for and here are my issues:

I want my fluid (a volume) to be relatively calm at the start of the animation (ill animate normal maps for the “minimal disturbance”), and for my obstacle to slowly rise out of the water causing ripples and possibly having water running off it.

And my issues consist of at the moment my fluid randomly flies in the air at the start of baking process then comes crashing to the bottom of the domain even when the fluid box is at the bottom of the domain…soooo…aside from that atm (VERY big problem for me) am I going to run into other problems as well?

So I guess my first question then is, how I do make a still pool of fluid?

PS Im using 2.49

uhm try starting the animation from the time the “pool” of water has been baked till it remains motionless…maybe that works

For the calm water issue, make your fluid object larger than your domain - so it’s intersecting the bottom. When you start to bake, it’ll basically boolean the two objects. Since the water volume won’t “fall” into the bottom of your domain, it will be relatively calm right from the start.

I cant seem to get it to bake at all now…hmmm…what are the effects of domain size verse fluid size when it comes to baking the simulation?

I’ve been having a lot of problems getting fluid simulations to bake as well. I have 12 gigs of memory, but any time a bake is saying it’ll need more than 100 to 200 megs, it either won’t bake at all, or stops after 10 to 15 frames. It’s proving to be rather frustrating.