Fluids and Obsticals

I have a wee bit of a problem of liquid being poured from a bottle into tank the process is 300 frames.

  1. and cylinder object (end cap) will be used to prevent the fluid from escaping the tank as it rotates 90 degrees (key framed in position) The cylinder is set ad a Fluid obstacle (Both)

  2. the cylinder object is parented to the tank and rests just outside the tank neck during the pour phase

  3. at frame 219 fluid has stopped pouring

  4. at frame 221 cylinder has second key frame same a first key frame

  5. at frame 222 I’ve moved the disk to block the opening in the tank neck (Key framed in position)

  6. the tank is rotated to 90 degrees by the end of frame 300

as you can see by the image the fluid is passing through the disk obstacle
Why is the fluid passing through the cylinder disk object.

side note how do I remove unwanted Blender windows see above image I dragged the upper left corner to see what would happen and well I now have 3 additional windows that I cannot get hide or remove

RMB on a common window edge and select Join or drag one window into another user the same corner hotspots you use to split the window

Fluid looks awfully low resolution. Higher resolution will decrease the inaccuracies that cause it to pass through other objects. Also for obstacles it is usually best to use a proxy object that is thicker than your “real” object. Make a duplicate with thicker walls and use that as the obstacle. Turn off its render visibility so that all you see is the object you want to show.

  1. the resolution is set at 100 for test purposes any higher and it take to long to get to frame 220

  2. I do not understand thicker than real object…do you mean scale the disk so that it is wide than the tank object?

  3. render visibility is that eye icon?

Can you attach or post a link to a blend file to look at

  1. Low res tests are just a general idea of what the final will look like. The intersection might not happen at higher resolution. Eventually, you’ll just have to try it and find out.

  2. Like I did in this example. winenewcorrections3.blend (792 KB) Compare the Bottle object in Layer 1 with BottleProxy in Layer 3.

  3. Yes.

  4. What Richard said.

I looked the scene but it’s making no sense what so ever.
I need this as simple as possible I am not a Blender user only have it for a project I am working on.

my understanding is that I can have an object moved into place to block the tank neck so that fluid does not flow out…simple as long as the disk object is set to obstacle but for me it is not working…

Obstacles need to be thick. Thicker than you usually want them to be in the scene you’re rendering. So you make a duplicate of your intended obstacle and make it thicker, but don’t render it. Render the one that looks right, but use the thick invisible object as the obstacle.

If you don’t supply a blend file it’s difficult for anyone to give you a specific solution. Your initial screenshot gives very little useful info to work with

The problem is solved Andy looked at my scene and made the required adjustment…I’ve done test bake and it works. Once I go over what change he made I’ll post.

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