Fluids like realfow for c4d?

Hi, any chance the fluids can work like in real flow for c4d? (as in no need to bake cache for preview, not all the functionality. Maybe with a plug-in?


If you want Blender fluids in C4D, then you have to bake. It works just fine.

However, why should Blender support C4D? (and I say that as someone who used C4D from V4 on Amiga until V16). It’s not as if it would be reciprocated.

Realfow C4d was just an example, I just wanted fluids that don’t need to be baked for preview, that’s all. I have been a c4d user for ten years, but I got burned with the modeling in c4d (it gets tired to add a extrude modifier, sweep modifier and so on…)

No. I don’t know a solution like that for Blender.
You are not forced to bake default particles with a fluid type.
But they require subframes to obtain satisfying result. That slows down the process.
They can’t be compared to a software like realflow dedicated to fluids since decades.

To obtain precise fluids, you need lots of particles. That requires memory.
If you don’t cache on disk previous frames that may mess up following frames.
If you skip subframes, you end up with exploding simulations.

Baking takes less time if you only bake particles to preview.
You can bake only few frames or pause baking to preview if your settings are correct.

So, waiting after a mantaflow baking or FLIP fluids addon baking may take same or less time than a playback of default Blender Fluid particles with subframes.

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