FLV Audio issues in VSE

I haven’t been here for a while so forgive me if this has been done to death (I did Google but didn’t find this problem).

I discovered, by accident, that 2.46 will import FLV files into VSE. This was a dream come true for a Mac user. The fact that it would also output the file in a more traditional format was even better news.

The problem I’m having, though, is that the audio playback and editing seems seriously defective. No matter where I start playback, the audio always plays from the beginning of the strip. Even if I “Cut” the audio track and dispose of the first half, it will still play the beginning on playback. If I position the strip start on, say, frame 100 then do a mixdown (with any frame set as Sta), the mixdown will begin immediately at the start of the audio strip.

Naturally this makes simple editing impossible since the strip can’t be usefully cut.

The solution I’m having to employ at the moment is to:

  • Position the flv-audio track at frame 1
  • MIXDOWN to wav
  • Import mixed-down wav file
  • Position this audio strip at frame 1
  • Delete original flv-audio strip
  • Edit AV as normal.It gets the job done but is this “normal/recognised”? If so, has it been solved in later releases?

(Even using the above system I’m getting some audio over-run as if audio that’s ben deleted is being cached and played-back anyway. I suspect this is because Blender is reading on-the-fly from HD? It doesn’t always do it and it does a MIXDOWN just fine.)

Blender 2.46 rev14890M
OS X (10.3.9)
Youtube FLV files (Loaded as Movie + Audio HD)
Mixdown WAV files (Loaded as Audio HD)


I’m a GNU/linux user and have come across this problem before. For me, compiling blender to use my system’s ffmpeg fixes this issue.

I can’t compile so I’ll just have to try later releases and see if they behave better.

Even using it like this is a vast improvement on any other free alternative I could find for Mac. Even ffmpegX, which only converts formats, doesn’t generally do what it’s advertised to do (for me) so the fact I can input and output something (some options either crash or fail though) is an improvement.