Flying bullet

This is a test render I made based on the opening song of James Bond “Quantom of Solace”.
Any critique on making it more realistic would be appreciated.
Do note that I used particles and not smoke as I am using cycles renderer and don’t want to start using BI for smoke.

In my experience, I’ve never had a bullet be that shiny, and the glare is a bit much in my opinion. I can’t tell from the video but it almost doesn’t look like it’s spinning. Also on a fired bullet there will be marking along the sides of the bullet from where the casing was pressed around it and also grooves from the rifling in the barrel as it traveled through it.

Here’s what I mean.

in the quantum solace title sequence, the bullet is actually very shiny. James Bond shoots at the beginning and at the end. But in your Video it looks like the bullet is emitting the smoke (which i guess is actually the case).
The Diffrence to The Bond Sequence is:
The smoke comes out of a gun and is dragged/extended by the bullet at a thin line and only gets a bit thicker at the very end of the line.
So if you have used a Wind Force to control the smoke emit, my suggestin would be to increase the strength of it by a factor of x2.
And if you used only the Velocity normal, than increase that value.
And you also have to decrease the emission amount over time, which is a bit tricky, because i have no idea how to do that haha.