Flying Machine

Hello everybody,
This is my second attempt to recreate some of my artworks in 3D as a means to learn Blender. This one is based on a illustration that is part of a series called (in homage to the movie): Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines.

Everything was made in Blender 2.91.0.

C&C are welcome!

Final Render:

Original Illustration:

Some WIPs and details:


That hood ornament alone would have impressed me… and you did so much more!
The tail pipe rocks (with the stylized chrome, heat iridescenct) , the aviator.
Trying to settle with the aviator’s chin fuzz/beard (?)

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Thanks a lot for your comment! And the part that you mention is actually a part of the helmet, some sort of chin guard, like this one:

It was meant to be a funny take on that giant chin of his. Maybe if I change the leather material of the helmet I can fix this issue.

And again, thank you for the feedback!

I see now! maybe if you model the chin strap a little higher up the cheek? But hey… great work.
And maybe a little offset of the chin guard from the “skin” surface, like you do higher up with the helmet

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That’s a good idea! Since the helmet was made by duplicating some faces of the head mesh and I just used what I had :slight_smile:
I think that when I posed the pilot inside the cockpit his scarf came up and hid the strap (it was more visible in the t-pose).

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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@csimeon I took your suggestions and tweaked the helmet/chin guard a little. Please take a look and see if now it is clear that it is not a beard/chin fuzz but part of the helmet.

Again, thank you very much for your feedback!


@bartv Thank you very much! I’m very happy to be featured and I hope to be able to contribute (and learn) as much as I can in this forum!

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Hello Gustavo!
Wonderful design - and great job bringing it to 3D! Is there a gallery where we can view your 2D artwork?


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Hello Daf!

Thanks a lot! :smiley:

You can view some of my 2D artwork at Artstation:

Or Behance:

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Ah, nice! Thanks for that, lots to look at over there!
Take care!

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Yes, I think it is clearer, without damaging the overall abstraction. Imho it a little thin distracting as detail a little. So here are two variations:

I prefer the top one (though the neck looks a little cold brrrrr… lol )
The bottom though still clearer than the original starts having some of the same problems of what the chin piece is.

I thought about a mouth, but I think it is convincing as is, without one he is Mister Cool, totally expressionless as he flies in confidence, in a dream.

PS : I love the goggles!

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Early racing cars (ones with a dash like your flying machine has) sometimes had the steering wheel strung with rope, like this:



Might be an interesting texture to add…

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I agree with you. Even though the bottom one is more realistic the top version maintains the original idea of the illustration. I also changed the back of the helmet (now he’ll be even colder :slight_smile: )but I think it reads better.
The lack of mouth is exactly to give him this stoic/cool vibe. If I ever animate him I think I can use the mustache to convey emotions and mouth movement. As an Illustrator I’ve been influenced a lot by an Argentinian illustrator called Quino who was a master of using this kind of faces and it is something I really like to do in my drawings. Here’s a drawing from him:

Anyway, here’s the new(er) version :

I really loved the ropes strung around the steering wheel! When I get the time I’ll try to add them!

And I know I have already said that but thank you again for the feedback and comments!

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I imagine it’s really hard conveying the feeling and abstraction of a line drawing to a shaded 3d and you succeed very well!

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Very nice… next is one little animation with brooooom- chuf-brooooom sound :grinning:
Love color, design, stylization.

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@alekba thank you very much! I would love animate this one! And I really liked the sound effects :laughing:

If I get the time the plan is to model the rest of the series. Then I can do some Wacky Races-like animation :smiley:

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Ha, ha this are nice drawings. Animation do not must be something special, especially when you have so much materials :slightly_smiling_face: You simply can put them all in one short ( fly - by ) animation. Wacky Race sound as great idea for this kind of airplanes.
Luckily Eevee allow artist to make animation even on modest machines.

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Lovely stylized vehicle and pilot.
Good work.

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Thank you!

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