Flying pages


I’m trying to create an animation of several pages (around 160 pages) floating in the air freely and then falling into an exact position when one page goes over the previous page until all the pages gets stack. I tried to use the cloth simulator to create these animation and it kind of works but I cannot control the falling and there’s other things it makes it very difficult to control all these behaviors.

Any idea how to achieve this in a better way?

Animate the stack of pages in reverse. (Stack pages in a pile and animate them going up.) Then reverse your animation.

That’s the easiest way I can think of.

Good luck!

Yes I was thinking in that but what should I use to animate 160 pages flying freely around? I tried cloths but it’s hard to create variation between pages.

Try this:

  1. Create a series of variable pages on a hidden layer. Give them enogh poly count to deform, and then make them into a group.
  2. Create particle system using group to instance however many you want (e.g., particle number 160, start: 1 end: 24 normal: 0)
  3. Create a turbulance and/or wind.

This should at least blow the ‘pages’ around. It will have a more motion graphics look to it as I don’t see them rotating or bending much like paper through the wind.

Soft body works faster than cloth. But you lose dynamics in trade.

Thanks for the tips, I will try both method now.

I tried the soft bodies but it didn’t work very well. With the particles I achieve what I was looking for so I think now I’m in the right way. I just need now to create some variation for the pages to bend, any suggestion? so far so good. Thanks for the tips Blurfoot.