Have any of you ever flown? I must tell you that indeed I have. I flew an acrobatic airplane. What a trip! It was fabric covered, a tail dragger and only weighed about 1,500 pounds. What a “hot rod”! I could pull 3 g’s without the wings breaking off. The doors had safety release pins for hinges just in in case you had to jump out in a hurry. I really got into it for a while, it was most amazing fun. Then one day I was cruising about and doing all kinds of gyrations, and then some thoughts crossed my mind. I asked myself “what the hell are you doing”? “Do you know that this could be hazardous to your health”? That sort of took the fun out of it for a while. It is a serious thing to be zooming about, sometimes upside down, sometimes in a spin (good luck on that one)! I never did crash though. I did come close several times. So, if you need an adventure or a bit of adrenaline rush , give it a shot, you will either hate it or love it. It is a lot better than teevee! :yes:

Did you fly yourself or where you co-pilot?

At age 6, my Mom told me to put my hands on the controls of the Piper Colt she was flying, I did and then she took her hands off. I was never so scared, not of crashing, but if we crashed it would be my fault.

Flying seems like it would be fun. But so expensive to get started.

it’s a passion, it’s a gut feeling, it’s a dream, it’s everything you think about day and night, it rules your life, whell mine at least. I save up to have one flying lesson every month and I am about to go solo. (just Pipers, no fancy stuff, but hey, you need to start somewhere)

No, No ,No, I was just up there by myself. This particular plane had no flaps or stuff like that. It had a joy stick and not a steering wheel thing. My instructress who was not with me (cool, the plane was even faster) said that she got sick to her stomach when she was giving me lessons. She was once a nurse and then decided to teach wierdos like me to fly. My friend Max who was around 70 years old did crop dusting for fun. He flew a Steerman biplane. That sucker could climb straight up! What an incredible machine! It had a rotary engine that was kick ass! Oh well, those were the days. Actually I did laugh a lot. Perhaps I shall again.