'Fn' Key Not Working on Macbook Pro

I’m using Blender 2.6 on a macbook pro. I did a new install of Blender on a new system, running Leopard. And I’m not able to get the ‘fn’ key to work in conjunction with my other keys.

I was able to hold down the ‘fn’ key and press ‘.’ to be able to center my view on an object but this isn’t working anymore.

Note: this is different from emulate numpad on my laptop. Turning on Emulate Numpad works properly.

I have the same problem with my Dell Laptop that require me to hit Fn before hitting any F key, otherwise I’m upping my brightness or sound. It does nothing. Thankfully I have a desktop too with a regular keyboard.

I’m just using a usb keyboard for its number pad and that seems to work.