Focal length in camera?

How can I play with the focal length of the camera’s lens ? I didn’t find anything related to that in the camera options.


The setting is in the camera edit panel.

Select the camera, choose the editing tab and there should be settings for Lens (focal length), Dof distance etc.

I tried that, all it does is zooming.

Ah, now I remember the name… fisheye effect !!
Any tips about how to make it?

This script is what you seek.

Adds some real world parameters to Blender’s camera.

Thanks, looks like a great script indeed! :slight_smile:

For a fisheye effect you can enable pano option in the render tab … Set the camera to less than 17 mm, and the camera slices, (xparts option in the render tab) to more than 3 ! But It will not exactly render the field shown in the camera view !

wow i never saw that script before, looks awesome.

Thanks Delic :slight_smile: