Focused critique rules, PLEASE READ before posting!

Focused critique

Welcome to the focused critique forum, this form was put in place to help Blender artists get quality feedback on their projects. They will be able to post their work in this forum and get constructive criticism from other forum members.

In other words this is a combination of the existing ‘works in progress’ and ‘finished projects’ forum, for serious work and serious feedback only!

To ensure this, this forum will be heavily moderated, when using this forum please take the following rules/points into consideration.

Posting a new topic:

  1. Serious work
    Please be sure that any work your posting here is of a serious nature, feature tests or projects you’ve spend little time on don’t belong here.

Remember this is the focused critique forum; people are expecting highly serious work for them to give serious feedback on.

  1. Points of focus
    If your posting here it means you are looking for criticism on your work, it helps if you already point out some things you’re questioning yourself. Make sure to include any information you can, such as blueprints, wireframe images, multiple renders, your ideas, concepts, experience, goals, inspiration, and timeline.

  2. Dealing with criticism
    When posting here people may attack your work with criticism. Sometimes, according to your opinion, they may be wrong. Keep in mind they are only trying to help you. If you can’t deal with criticism, don’t post here.

Posting a reply:

  1. Respect the artist
    The artist is posting his work is looking for criticism, this doesn’t mean you need to kill him! He probably worked pretty hard on his project and is looking for ways to improve it, please show him some respect.

  2. Provide useful feedback
    This is a focused critique forum; people posting their work here are looking for feedback. We will therefore only allow posts that give constructive criticism. Posts like “Wow that’s cool”, “Jeez you suck” or even “This is some of the best work I’ve ever seen” will be removed.

If you haven’t got anything to add, don’t reply!


this is a good idea but i think it could be changed for the better.

first i would lock this section to all users except the moderators (allow everyone to post to threads, just not create their own thread). then allow the moderators to take the best works from the finished works section and move them here.

this way you will have a section with all the best renders. and you will avoid about 90% of the work that should not be here in the first place. i think this is a good idea and would greatly help this section. i just dont want to see this section filled with 10 minitue renders from people like me haha.

this section is a good idea but leave the thread openings to the moderators, thats just my opinion.

I think you should do a request to post here.

You send a moderator some pictures and thoughts about your project and then they decide if it’s worth posting here?

I don’t think moving posts are a very good idea, can’t explain why, I just don’t! :-?

Did you even bother reading the first post? It was clearly stated that work and comments that don’t belong here get swiftly moved/deleted. Also, this section is not about being the ‘section with all the best renders’. It’s about being a place where you get honest critique, not fanboyisms.

I’d like to propose something resembling a poll to be added to every topic here. Something you can click, so you don’t have to post the ‘great work, love this’ post that would just get removed. Like a thankyoubot, if you’ve been to, for example, the American Army forums.

I’m looking forward to this section.

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But then the burden would lie with the mods/admins to judge which works are “worthy” of inclusion here. I don’t know about them, but I wouldn’t want that job! If such a concept were to be in place, it should be “democratic” - a vote. But, I don’t think, as RJii pointed out, that this is the purpose of this forum. Its not meant to “weed out” bad work, just “bad” feedback.

I think it would be nice to have a star-rating system here, like the one CGTalk has.

Implementing something like that would probably weed out most of the fanboy posts by itself, by giving people a chance to say that they really love a particular piece without adding clutter to a thread.

Just an idea. :slight_smile:

As Timothy said in the rules/guidelines, we will be watching this forum very carefully to ensure that the guidelines are followed.

I think that there will eventually be only 2-3 mods that will be specifically responsible for this forum, (I have already volunteered and I am sure Dittohead is interested).

This forum is not in place to stop people from posting anything in particular, but to stop the nonsense posting and so called “fanboy” posts only.

So please, do not feel that your work is not good enough to post in this forum, just be prepared to take the appropriate feedback and learn and grow as a Blender user and an artist with the feedback you do receive.


hey BgDM, im afraid you have to delete SmatheGreek’s positive comment. That must be hard %|

Again, this is not a gallery for the best works. The best works are the ones that need critique the least, why would they belong here more than others? This is a place for ANYONE who is serious about trying to make their work better to get as much help as possible with that. The only works that don’t belong here are ones by people who don’t listen to the critiques and make no effort to improve the work after posting.

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yeah i agree my idea about best works was proably not a good one.

Hi! I encountered this message when trying to attach a small jpg file (25k) in response to nehpets. I think it could be especially helpful to be able to attach files in this particular forum to provide visual examples and other helpful images.


it wasn’t at all 8)

so this is a reminder of all those that want to post but didn’t read or get the rules… %|

it wasn’t at all 8)

so this is a reminder of all those that want to post but didn’t read or get the rules… %|[/quote]
lol, for him not for you :wink:

um… :expressionless:
i’m not fully convinced with this section.
Whasn’t the wip forum for focused and constructive criticism yet?
Isn’t the whole Elysiun forum for this?
Don’t know, shurely there have been both simplicistics works and rude comments in Elysiun recently, but this subsection doesn’t convince me. I’m not shure what will it bring to.
Will this become the “serious/cool ones” secton? This woul be sad… a sort of club…
Or will this become the kingdom of the “read the rules - dont’ annoy us superior creatures with your irrilevant comments and works”

The intention is good, but quite hard to control, IMHO. I’t hard to judge works and comments. What is “not serious”, and what is. What is a criticism and what is rudeness. What is a positive comment an what is fan-stuff.

I may be wrong, however. I hope so. A “crit this without mercy” section would be very useful, indeed, to improve oneself.
And i can always keep away from this section, if i will see that it doesn’t go the right way…

Btw, for this section (and this section only), i quote the voting-stars thing.

Well, now i’ve got something to post that needs merciless criticism. See you in a new thread!

Moderators/Administrators can spot when it is constructive critism, fanboy posting, and just simple post that doesn’t say anything or pure rudness won’t be tolerated, this forum section will be under strictest rules we have, any posts that doesn’t belong there gets deleted.

This forum is for feedback for the artist in question, and if you don’t have any constructive feedback for the art/thread, then just let it be.

I have already been doing some of this sadly enough, and it seems some can’t read the rules, but as I pointed out we won’t tell why, it will just happen.

Sorry, but that’s how it is…


for advanced users the current old forums arent the best cause they are flooded sometimes with beginner work.

i would prefer a place to put more serious work because serious people will have it also easier to find those posts. so the provider as the viewer have their benefits. it was often hassle when i looked ofr good work to show somebody.


So far I see this as the best thing that has happened to elysiun in some time. The only issue I can see is that this forum could draw all remaining useful comment away from the WIP and Finished forums.

I, for one feel no desire to dredge through reams of cubes in rooms to find the gems anymore. Why sift for gold when it is presented in a pretty case (although what is the price) %| %| (Sorry about the last sentence, I couldn’t resist its cheesiness)

Anyway, the point is nontheless valid. MAybe a ratings system would be better in the new site, or some kind of filtering. At least that would avoid the other forums being bereft of useful comment.


it seems some user still don’t read this sticky…and so we need to clean out some posts in current threads…sad but true…maybe time to delete them instead? cause it doesn’t seem as the users take any hint of editing the non-releated comments.

I think thats probably a good idea, its not often you go back to see if your posts have been edited or not; probably just save time be deleting them completely.

I agree, and yet I have to admin, I haven’t fully read this sticky. However, being as I know what “Focused” stands for, I don’t post in here unless I have a large project that I am determined on completeing. I hope that future users do the same.