fog, black ice = crash

so, I’m driving home through the mountains tonight,
then I hit a cloud/fog,
visibility about 20-30 meters.
so I slowed down to what I thought was a safe speed.
Everything was going well,
Then on a very slight curve, I hit the dreaded Black Ice.
Black Ice as it’s called, is where ice forms on the road, or freezes the water in/on the road. so, all of sudden I lose control of the steering, (ice is very slippery)
spin round a couple of times, then smash into a metal railing.
great 11:00 pm 20 kms from the home, crashed on the top of a mountain.
Luckily I managed to rip off the front fender & the wheels/engine/steering was undamaged.
So I drove home.
Upside to this, I made it home, I was uninjured.
Downside to this, will fail school as it is 40 kms away to drive.
unable to go to work as it is 90 kms away, will make life really hard for a while.
Ironic, my last name is Murphy, Murphy’s Law strikes again, everything that can go wrong, does go wrong. I am testament to this, Happens all the f’n time.
Insert forty swear words here in 8 languages.
Ah well, life goes on, thanks be that I am ok.

You have ice in Australia?

But seriously, how come you can’t go to school or work anymore. Will it take time to get the car repaired. And how come you’ll fail school - you have exams now?

Anyway, it sucks to be in a car accident. I was in one once, where we hit an embankment and rolled an open pickup truck at about 60km/h… I was in the back. Not fun. Luckily I got out the way of the pickup truck as it came down on top of me. Adrenaline is useful.

Yes, we have ice & snow in Australia.
it was particularly strange last night, as it was a hot day, then there was a big temperature drop, some rain, and I live in the country where it can get quite cold at night through the mountains.
There is no public transport where i live so getting to school was no good.
exams were due today, 1 minute Flash Animation, only 10% complete.
the next is team video production, i can get credits for that as I’ve done that several times at school & professional level.
So it’s only the Flash animation that i lose.
hopefully I can get extra time to complete it.
Fortunately I had a spare car the same as the one I crashed,
so today I learnt to become a mechanic & repaired all the damage myself.
took about 6 hours, & some panel beating, lot of work really, but as luck had it 90% damage was to replace parts.
At least I can get to work now & get to school & hope that nothing else goes wrong this year.

i’ll lose a few modules that i should be able to pick up next year.