Fog, rain and wind

I am trying to replicate a deleted scene from “The day after tomorrow”.

It involves a beach house, a road, trees, and lots of wind and rain.

Could someone please explain to me the easiest way of making fog and rain?

Yes I have searched the forum. Found 3757 results :o .

i’d use compositing - layers for the actual scene, then rain, fog, rain again, again fog… maybe you could do it in the seq-editor, but you’d rather need a compositing tool.

start with simple things, like a sequence with softly animated noise, and try to pt that over the rendered geometry (in the seq-ed). then render a sequence with rain in different sizes and velocities and put that over the fog. … not sure how this would work out but maybe worth a try.


Something on Fog is on the official guide, “volumetrics” chapter


I would probably make rain by a bunch of vector particles with motion blur turned on.

I have a good moving fog somewhere, I’ll look for the file. I think I set the world buttons to mist with a clouds texture and animated the X and Z offsets.

Okay I downloaded the 2.28 manual. Where is it in the manual? I can’t find it :frowning:

Try the updated documentation for 2.3x at

I believe that they call it “Volumetric Effects.”

Yay, I tried the Volumetric Effects thing. Came out well.

Does anyone know how to make a cool looking sky with dark clouds without just using a picture?

use the clouds procedural

Whats that? :o

Also, when ever I render my fog I can only see the fog on the right side of the picture.


I did it exactly the way it said to. But it doesn’t work :frowning:

Okay forget my last question. I’ve been working on fog settings for the past 4 hours, and I have nearly given up :< . It looks nothing like the one in the picture. If my webhosters would give me my webspace back, I could upload a pic or the .blend file. But for now, I got 1 question. It says: Please note that the Unified renderer gives much better results here.

Whats the Unified renderer?

some things, like particles, don’t get factored into the renderer in the same way. I’m not sure about the technicalities of it, but what happens for example, is, if you are making particle smoke against a world background, it will take on an unwanted blotchy look. clicking on ‘unified renderer’ solves this.

Okay I found the Unified Renderer button. Didn’t really do much though.

What I really wanted for this picture was fast moving winds. As in a tornado right behind my beach house.

So really violent wind, yes. :wink:

violent wind is best seen on the surroundings affected - bending trees, flying cows, leafs… with simple words everything that is loose and can be easily blown away. of course fast moving fog, too. recently i was on a mountain, a storm came up and brought tons of fog. it looked amazing, like smoke floating over the terrain, but at 100km/h…
again i’d say - tricky animated layers of fog or fluid dynamics :slight_smile:

:smiley: I was trying to make some violent foggy wind using particle systems, then I accidently discovered a way to make it look like the rain was hitting the road, with the fine spray bouncing off the road. Looks pretty good.

And as soon as I get my password from my webhosters (should be tomorrow), I’ll post a pic. :wink:

Now back to the question I said to forget: What is clouds procedural?

I want to make some really scarey looking overcast clouds over my beach house. :slight_smile:

Anyone know? :frowning:

Uh, experiment with clouds, and learn how to use blender to a very high level of proficiency, before you start something like this…
(and by high proficiency, I mean like @ner, @ndy RobertT, X-Warrior, and so on…)


I would just like to remind you that seldom are effects in movies done in one pass. It may be easier if you make the scene in pieces. So do your cityscape in one scene and render it. Do your fog in a separate scene and render it with alpha. Render you rain in yet another scene. Then put all the pieces together in post.


Thanks for the motivation. :expressionless:

Its not like I’m a newbie. I’ve been using blender for about 8 months. (yes, I know, I’m not a pro either).

And how am I supposed to get to @ndy level if no one can be bothered helping me out? If your not going to help then don’t post? :wink:

Anyway, I have been making mine the way you said, TorQ. And I have pretty much finished it. EXCEPT for the clouds.
So when I finish this part I can post it up. :slight_smile: