Fokker DR I

The third project I’m working on, is a Fokker DR I, and I think it’s pretty good so far. I’m about to start on the the engine, which needs to be quite detailed to look realistic, so that will take some time. Oh well, it’s practice, isn’t?
If anyone has tips, or notices a mistake, please tell :slight_smile:


Much better than my try.

added the engine. Now the wheels and the wires, and some more details


Looks good. Can you try for a better material on the body in your next render? I want to see what the body looks like with a good texture or material, the plasticky look throws it off a little in my opinion.

same either better material, or go all out and make it ‘realistic’ and actually model the panels that would make up the plane complete with rivets and the works…:wink:

but so far its a good clean mesh, although still toyish looking, you got yourself a good base model

tnx for the comment, but now i have a question… How do i make the cables between the wings? It should look thin, yet round, if possible…

EDIT: added wings, and extra supports, but no cables… I also redid all the materials.


Just put some thin tubes there. They look ok, atleast with some OSA.

the texture is abit bright making this model look more like a toy than a full size plane.

also the wood texture on your prop needs to be less shiny if anything wood looks to the human eye as if its absorbing lightsomewhat, unless its treated like a coffee table would be…guess it needs to be ‘dirty’.

and last but not least, cables just throw some thin round tubes with a cable texture, experiment with the sizes…

oh yea, some rivets or panels would look great on such a good model

I’m pretty sure those planes were wood and fabric, not metal. Metal would be too heavy.