Folks, How do i diffuse a Texture?

3dm, i know your not a prick. I’m actually learning from you on how to use the proper terminology…let me go and use GIMP, because you give me a clue as to how to move and fix my texture…Thanks everyone…

Great. I don’t want to come off as an a-hole. Sometimes it’s difficult to gently correct someone without sounding like one. Ok, so you are just learning how to use Gimp. Got it. Layers. Place all of your individual texture parts on layers, so that you can move and adjust them independently.

ive been watching this thread and im also wondering, you have your uvmap yes… if you need to move the layer to where you want it wouldnt you also need to move that section of the uvmap as well otherwise it wont be where you expect it on the model

Yes. That’s why you should always be guided by the uv map you save in uv editor. Make a nice, logical unwrap, save the uv face layout, open in your image editor, and work on top of it.