Folks, How do i diffuse a Texture?

How do i diffuse a texture using Blender?

Please be more specific!

diffuse a texture? lol r u from bomb diffusal squad?
k just kidding, well its very easy just goto the texture tab (the one whos icon that looks like a mat/red chessboard) and click add new and done it is already set to affect diffuse by default. u ca chose from various texture types.

if u r new to blender heres the place to start(if u havent found that already :stuck_out_tongue: ) :-

ull find some really awesome stuff on blender cookie.

i would like to be more specific, but the forum does not allow me to post a pic i have on my imageshack account to show you the texture that i’m discussing…

I put it in other terms to shorten this.

Your initial question makes no sense in terms of terminology. You either need to rephrase the question, describe your problem or learn the basic terminologys of CG to be able to communicate with us :wink:

Like most forums you will probably need to make 5 posts to prove your not a spammer before you’ll be allowed to post links!

I just need to know how to diffuse, normal and speculate a .tga Texture? Using Blender 2.56 beta…

can you give an example from not diffuse to diffuse
to show what you mean here!

happy 2.5

Ricky and everyone this is the Texture. This forum won’t allow me to post the pic of the Texture i have at imageshack…

just add the link but replace http with some xxx letters
i think this will pass

happy 2.5

Ricky and everyone this is the Texture //

Maybe it’s UV unwrapping your on about?

This question makes no sense… 0_o…lol. Maybe you mean you want to make a diffuse map for a model?

fps, that’s correct. That is what i’m asking sorry for expressing incorrectly…How do i create a diffuse, specular map using Blender 2.49 or 2.56?

Ten posts wasted. As you are new here, I should tell you that in order to get a question answered, you’ll have to ask it in way that’s understandable. You want to create a diffuse texture from an image, I take it. Why not just say that. Please don’t be in such a rush. It does nobody any good.

A few definitions: When applied to a model, textures become maps, so called because they “map” certain values, like color (the diffuse map, so called because it shows flat, even colors, diffusely lit (no specific light source)), or the specular map, which maps shiny and dull areas in a model.

3dm, Thanks let me take a look…Understand i’m learning as i’m learing blender as well…

I don’t mean any offense. I’m just suggesting that the first step in learning is figuring out how to ask the right questions. A lot of back and forth goes on in these threads that doesn’t need to. So, think about it from your reader’s perspective. Would you understand what you meant if you read your question (rhetorical question)?

Good luck.

can someone load up the pci
i cannot get it on web
and we wil see it at last


3dm, Ricky and everyone thanks i normaled and speculate the maps…But i ran into a problem, i hope you can help me with this.

This is my problem, how do i move or place a part of a texture and move it or place it next to another part within the texture and crop it and create a new texture with those two item within the texture? here’s the pic

I want to put the item #1 next item #2. So, how do i do this using Blender 2.56?

Uploaded with

What you are asking is just image program basics using photoshop or gimp. I assume your stencils are on different layers. Just move it with the move tool. But I don’t think that’s what you are asking. Blender itself contains some basic painting functions, but the place to do image manipulation with layers is in PS or Gimp. However, moving part of the texture will of course move it to a different place on the UV map. Unwrap your model, create a uv map image, open that in PS or Gimp, add textures on different layers, etc.

I don’t know exactly what you mean.

Also the terms “normaled” and “speculate” do not exist. I’m not correcting your grammar to be an a-hole. I’m suggesting that you learn the correct terminology in order to be understood.

Just say that you created diffuse, normal and spec maps. You don’t (verb) “normal” an image. Once again, I’m not trying to be a prick. These forums contain a lot of people of different ages from all over the world, and as such, is already something of a Tower of Babble, language wise. Best not to throw gas on that fire.