Follow along a path

Hi all,

As a beginner I try to model a sci-fi walkway. I succeeded in modelling the walkway (path) and railing. Unfortunately when I curve the railing the cylinders get flat. Does anyone know how I can avoid this?

Another question I’ve is how I could split a path. I only need part of the walkway I designed.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

That shouldn’t happen…

… and you did apply scale ?

(Maybe you wanna enable merge also ?)

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I did apply the scale, thanks! In the end the solution appeared to be to scale the original object on the Y axis, which made the original/scaled object look horrible, but gave a great result on the curve. Unfortunately this didn’t fix the sharp corners, it still flattens the cylinders there…

I have to ask but did you apply the scale to the curve as well?