Follow Path Array

There is an “extrude along path” addon. I keep a copy in addons_extern here:

Ah so there is, I’ll be sure to test it out. Thanks for sharing!

Hey! very cool script thanks for the effort on this!

Many many many Thanks for this awesome tool!

I have some problems with activating it… it doesnt appear in the searchfield. any ideas? using blender 2.71.

Thank you!

Update button does not update modifiers to linked objects, I have to set count to 0 and then set the same value than it was before.
Proposal: make checkbox that user have an option to update modifiers also pressing update button, or no checkbox and update button updates modifiers also.

Hi, can you do a short tutorial on baking the resulting animation to keyframes? I’m having trouble creating a single action to use in the game engine. Thanks, smitty