Follow the mouse

How to make= The objeck follow the mouse. I need it to my ragdoll game:D

You’ll have to be more specific than that.
It will require Python in any case.

It’s when i move my mouse the object “head” should follow it.
Like the head is the mouse on my ragdoll.

Try looking at the custom mouse tutorial on (??? might work)

Do you mean that you want the head to look toward the mouse? Use my custom cursor tutorial, then use an “Edit Object: Track To” actuator to make the head track to the mouse cursor position.

I don’t think you will be able to use the cursor in an overlay scene, though (the cursor may need to be in the same layer as the ragdoll in order for it to work).

Custom cursor tutorial is here:

Edit: Make sure to turn on “3D” on the track to actuator, or it won’t work right.

Just have the mouse move another item and track to that…?

Make sure it is rotated to match view angle, and movement is local

He means he wants the ragdoll to be like a physical cursor, not to track it. There shouldn’t be a problem with layers.

What might be a problem is that the head can’t be rigid body if it’s following the mouse, make sure that what tracks to the mouse is a non-physical empty that the head is non-rotationally parented to, that way it moves with the mouse, but can still be rolled and flipped by the rest of the body.