Follow the Signs /// made with Starfield World Shader (incl James Webb Space Telescope Hex Flares)

the animation above was made with the world shader instead of an HDRI and some more stuff in the scene :wink: :sunglasses:

Get the World Shader / Compositing nodetree on gumroad:

With this powerful worldshader (or should I say… spaceshader) you can easily set the scene for beautiful space renders that looks different every time with a few clicks and slider tweaks and make all the images from Hubble or the James Webb Space Telescope pale in comparison.

Version 1.1 is out now and you can now

  • have those hex flares the James Webb Space Telescope has on all these images.
  • use the shiny sparkly flares for brighters stars
  • all this manageable with a simple mixnode in the compositor (you can even have a mix of both!)

Easily configure the size and colors of the stars and 2 different nebulae in the shader for a brand new look each and every time you use the shader.

2 flavours of compositing give different flares on the stars, and of course there is a James Webb Space Telescope setting…