Font Letters Not Displaying Properly in Blender

(Sorry to put this in Modeling, but I couldn’t figure out a better category.)

I’m working with some fonts in Blender. I’ve found some I really like, but some of them will have issues with some letters not displaying properly. For example, I am using this font but the R’s are not displaying appropriately.

In the sample text:


In Inkscape:

In Blender:

Is there some SVG feature that’s not being supported here? If so, is there a way to add support or to easily convert the font?


Have you tried looking at the normals after convert to mesh? looks like it could be flipped normals…

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Wow, you’re omnipresent.

It doesn’t seem like that’s the issue:

It seems like it’s just not filling that portion of the font in properly at all:

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Yeah same here Blender 3.2

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Hmm the regular font seems to be okay… But the bold one isn’t only bolder but has also some slant (italic) shape… if you try a little offset this goes total crazy… (The regular one also don’t like offset to make a bold font but isn’t as crazy as the other). :thinking: i wonder why this didn’t occure in inkscape (1.1.1 with linux)… Seems to be a bad conversion to bold ? Which wasn’t checked very good ??

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I did had a look into the font definition (left normal T, Right bold T):

… yeah this is somekind of weird dingledangle…

Edit: (with FontForge… if someone want’s to know…)


Everything’s OK with the Regular face but font conversion to mesh sometimes causes such issues. Instead of using the Bold face try to scale the Regular one up before you convert it to mesh.

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Hmm for some reason this font won’t show up in the Fonts using Blender 3.1RC…
Shows up in all other progs…
Does anyone else have this problem…??

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What’s interesting is that even though the lowercase and capital letters should be identical, I can sometimes get the bolded characters to appear by using the lowercase or uppercase version instead. I have had this problem when importing other fonts which appear without issue in Inkscape, though… it seems like maybe Inkscape is just handling some of these fonts more gracefully?