Font sheet trouble


I need to use a custom font sheet for a blender project and have stumbled upon a problem. When the text is rendered during game runtime, all the characters are “@”. I created a plane which uses a “Text” property, have selected the text option in the material game setting and have packed the image.

Font with alpha channel
Font with black background

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and solutions.

  • Genome36

Ensure the little dots at the top of the image are unchanged. They contain the font specific metadata.

Little dots ? (I created the image using inkscape)

You see, if you look at some blender font image there is this gibberish or greyscale pixels in the top part that control the mapping of the characters. They tell the text processor what kind of spacing the characters should have. You need these in order for the file to work in BGE so if you used a reference image be sure to copy these pixels in your font file.

I used a reference image and thought they where artefacts -.-"

Does anyone know where or how I could generate this data since I have a different spacing in between my characters.

You would use ftblender (an old program) to generate a correct font image, if you need to use the old bitmap font method. If I were you, though, I’d probably go with Blender’s internal text object system or BGUI and custom-make font files using a program or service like Fontstruct.


You mean by using .ttf file format ? Is it also possible to use blur effect with the .ttf just like this font ?

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After a bit of research, .ttf does not support blur effects, then I have started to think about some stuff for the font sheets and found a way to create it. While experimenting with the UV mapping inside blender I concluded that the metadata at the top only contains the spacing in between the characters and their order. So if I move the UV mapping of the first character to the right, all other characters will have the same offset, thus fixing the blur bleeding over other characters.