Food models

I found a new modeling hobby “Food” so far i got , toast, and swiss cheese I might re do the cheese again don’t like the way the holes came out, any ideas or critiques?

That white cheese is overexposed and it has too many round holes. I think they should be more asymmetric.
Hey, why not to put the cheese in a plastic wrapper. That would be bit of a challenge.

new cheese

better on the chese, but it looks too smooth for me. i would say put some rough edges, maybe take a bite out of it. the toast texture looks too smooth too imo, maybe put some rough or some burn on it, so it looks imperfect.

Another cheese

Anyway, the cheese is good, but I prefered the design with modelled holes rather than a bump (or even displacement) map. This way, they look more like shallow depressions than actual holes. Apart from that, great work!

Gracias Z-Axis yeah the holes iwas going to model them but i got lazy,
and here we go even more cheesy stuff lol…
game engine ready pizza:

Do you do requests?

Well the pizzas my fav so I’ll crit on that. The texture looks a little flat and is repeated accross all of the slices. Other then that… Yum!

Oh yeah, and


-maniac 4 hire

@BumGravy, requests? mmmm maybe just don’t ask for the last supper lol
,I don’t promise anything.

I did do an ice cream though, it took me like 10 minutes, so that’s no biggie,

Moving to liquids for a change…

your food makes me hungry :stuck_out_tongue:

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