Fooling Around With Eevee

When working loosely from this strangely-white reference image …


I rather quickly came up with this …


(Yes, I decided that it needed a monkey.)

(This image was reduced about 4 times down from its original size to fit conveniently in this post, and compression hit it pretty hard.)

I left a few things out such as the window-curtains and accurate textures, and wall decorations (or, a decent pillow) that I simply didn’t feel like doing, but it certainly was very interesting to see how well Eevee did things like the gauzy cloth. And did I remember to say, “f-a-s-t?!”:smiley:

I became curious as to how Cycles would do, and, after 2-1/2 minutes of putting my laptop’s cooling fan in overdrive, it laboriously produced a very pixelated, very washed-out result. (Of course, the materials were prepared for Eevee alone.) In particular, the draping cloth was nearly opaque. Thoroughly unsatisfactory.

Light sources were an overhead area light, a second area-light behind the camera, and emission shaders in the windows. The rear light is much of what gives it a slightly washed-out appearance, along with the general absence of texturing. (The reference shot had a bluish cast that I really don’t like.) But it was fun, and very informative.