foot modeling

Hello blender users, I have been searching for videos tutorials to model a foot for a while now and all I can find is either timelapse tutorials, which are useless or tutorials that the end result is not close enough to realism of a human foot. Hopefully I missed some places, and I’m hoping if you guys can tell or direct me on a video tutorial website that will take me step by step to model the human foot with good topology and looks realistic.if there is no video, at least orthographic views of the foot of the inner and outer side, front, back, top, and bottom and are configured and resized to match each other in blender so I can use them as a background reference images to model my own foot. Thanks and advance and happy blending.

Hey JonJones!

I checked around a bit for you and I would suggest trying to find a tutorial on modeling a human body and then just skipping to where they model the foot. Such as this one here but they didn’t finish the tutorial so there is no part on how to model the foot…lol:

Here is one with a pretty good result (although you’d need to adjust the pinky because it seems a bit crooked to me :P)