Foot Roll toes not bending

I really am trying to work through these challenge. I currently have a foot roll issue with toes not bending rotating the control bone (FootRoll.L) and applying action constraints on mechanical bones I have applied from to the ankle, ball and toes of the left foot. I have not worked on the right foot yet. Just trying to get the left one correct right now.

If I scroll through the frames in the action editor window, the foot rolls correctly from the ankle to the toes. But when I rotate using the foot control (FootRoll.L) the foot basically bends but the toes do not. File is attached under illustration called test.blend

Test.blend (1.6 MB)

PROBLEM SOLVED I think I am getting the hang of this. It appears I needed to create an action constraint on the toe bones as well as the mechanical bones. So that fixed it.