Football Helmet

Trying to make a football helmet with only side reference images(no top,front)…

Can some critique my mesh? I dont think its quite prefect. Am I trying to hard to keep the geometry low?


Glad I could help. The mesh looks good, but I think the sides should be more flat. From the best I can tell from images of real helmets, the sides where the ear holes are are not as rounded as yours and the ear holes stand out from the surface. They do not indent into the helmet at all. Maybe try selecting the edge loop that goes around the ear whole (the largest of all the circular loops) and then press the Smooth button (on the Mesh tools tab) a few times.

near the top left, you can see that the verts are kinda stretched apart, it might help if you even those out a bit, like in the back and in the front by the forhead. Otherwise it looks fantastic.

I’d replace that logo, use dark blue for helmet and orange Chicago Bears logo - then it would look just right.

lookin goooooooooood.

hah Chip4brains nice one. Right now, it’s looking more like the top of an astronaut helmet- are you doing the [face guard?] yet?

Back to working on this WIP again.
I’m going for the old Houston Oilers helmet.
Made up a logo in PS. Will add it later once i figure out how.

Here’s what i got so far…