For animators, animation features related to Peach or other things are pouring in

Render step, could be useful for previewing animations more quickly (from the Plumiferos team)

Method Window.SetPivot(PIVOT) for python API (from Malefico)

Full Mesh Deform modifier release log page. (with pictures)

Pole target

And this only recently, though Mesh deform was out for a very short while now but still being improved upon. For those who animate or use animation controls for stills watch for new developments to come if Peach needs new stuff in this department or is yet to be announced.

One other thing that was committed this week is the ability to use any point on a bone as a target for TrackTo, StretchTo and CopyLocation constraints, letting riggers simplify a lot of their work. No more creating complex rigs to get something to “attach” halfway up a bone.

And here’s a new thing with the NLA editor

The feature you mentioned was in the patch tracker, but they removed it likely because it’s been commited.

and it is Harkyman’s work ! Yay, awesome feature :cool:

To bring this back up, new stuff related to animation is being coded by Ton

The latter is something called relative shape keys, I’m not sure of the advantage here.

I can understand that intermediary keys when there’s a long way off from the shape to the base shape will afford more control when the computer interpolation is not satisfying. For example, now we can make a key to go from base to shape A, then another form shape A to shape B, etc…
I don’t know that it was the problem it’s trying to solve but it is a welcomed feature for myself.


Some keyframing stuff
NLA stuff (fixes some wackiness)

An update for visualization has been added as a Peach feature request.
Basically the person who did this feature said that bone paths have different colors before and after the current frame.

Wow, I can’t wait until these features make their way into the official build.