For Bapsis!

(BgDM) #1

Since Bapsis, and a few others, have been making Mechs, I figured I would start into the foray as well.

So here is my initial WIP of my Heavy Battle Long Range Gunner Mech:

This is early WIP and will be worked on.

Initial feedback is appreciated.


(adyus) #2

a very early wip, I presume. My only comment so far is to change the design of the main cannon. damn, it looks like the mech salvaged it from a 14th century ship!! maybe placing it on the shoulder would help too!

(S68) #3


I’ll post my mech soon… raise up your shields!


(Bapsis) #4

LOL!!! Ain’t I the popular one in the forums today hehe!!! :wink:

Its looking good so far, is that a double cockpit (the yellow peices)??? If it takes 2 ppl to drive it, it must be one bad @$$ machine!!!

I’m definatly looking forward to seeing the rest of the peices, all fitting in nice and snug with what you got there, it looks really cool so far, is it your own design?

Keep it up, with all the bot stuff latley we’re bound to <mech> a great impresion on the rest of the users!!! :wink: (pun intended!!!)


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(BgDM) #5

Yeah, very early is for sure. I know the cannon looks a little clunky and old fashioned right now, but will be adding more to it. It will look 30th century soon enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep, 2 cockpits! One for the driver and one for the gunner. It is my own design and I am just making it up on the fly. Will be one big ass machine when it is done.

Oh, and Bapsis, that has to be the worst pun have ever seen posted on a thread before in my life! :wink: