For beginners in blender

Hey, guys can you pzl recommend best for hard surface modeling. And also texturing, rendering at compositing.
Thanks in advance.

For hard surface modeling, I would recommend the channel of Josh Gambrell :

For texturing, you will learn a lot with Ryan king art :

For compositing, I would suggest watch the video made by CGBoost :

and the one of RenderRides :

He has a few good videos about rendering too


Heavily recommend NOT watch Josh Gambrell considering click-bait descriptions with some general BS in the video.

For hard surface can recommend this channel:
Also for general topology problems and possible solutions:
Last one are more about 3ds max, but topolygy are the same everywhere. Also in latest video he show a lot stuff specifically for Blender.

Hey, I’m new to blender.

I’m also fond of what used to be called “Blender Cookie.”

These people are very good instructors who prepare instructional videos, some free and some by subscription, and I consider that they are exceptionally good at what they do. (As you have no doubt “found out the hard way” yourself, it isn’t easy to make a good instructional video!)

The site owners are also very active here. Their knowledge of Blender is not theoretical …