For beginners who want to make starships

Holy cow. I don’t know why I didn’t think about this before, but I finally Googled “Blender Starship Files” and ended up with an awesome site containing many starships for me to tinker around with. I first started Blending by taking others’ work, learning about it, then building my own. So, for you beginners, here’s the site to get ya started:

But I want to keep it open. If you guys want to add your own “Favorite Blender Starship Site” list it here for those who want to get started!

Good luck and happy Blending! :smiley:

Here’s one…

try the site for Celestia

they do have a lot of satellitess and some startchips too

but most are done in 3DS files

So you have to transfert it then to import as 3DS files

But you havd the choice - be carefull to the size of the file

it becomes bigger in blender then what it was in 3DS