for better or worse how do proceed?

i wanna create a piece of junk ship, i know it looks more like a coffin, but i dunno, what to do give i more rounded (not smooth) bulk, i couldn’t help it, so i gave something that looks like a rusty texture, (i hope), and then i tried to create 2 engines. proble, os, i tried to create cylinder cut it half (how do you a cut a mesh EXACTLY in half anyway) use a mirror modifer, then may be transform them and twist them a bit , and pin them to the ship, however, i can’t exactly move them to hull, it’s like chasing my own tale.


j1.blend (120 KB)

I think at the end of this project you will have learned a lot about Blender. A good modeling workflow is something you develop with experience.

Here is a quick tut on cutting a mesh in half:

I started with a default cube but the process is the same for most objects; in edit mode:

Image #2: (NUMPAD1 for front view) AKEY (select all vertices), KKEY (for loop/cut menu) 3KEY (or select ‘Knife (midpoints)’) and draw a vertical line through the mesh edges you want to cut. Obviously, you don’t need a perfect line, just bisect the lines. ENTER to make the cut.

#3: Clear all selections with AKEY, and BKEY box select the right half.

#4: SHIFT-DKEY (duplicate the selected mesh) GKEY XKEY 2 (move the dup’d mesh 2 units in X)

#5: Clear all selections and BKEY box select the vertices to delete to finish the “cut”