For Modo user switching to Blender 2.8

The subdivision modifier has no controls for limiting the effect to only a part of the mesh. Two options are:

  1. split the mesh, apply subd to the split part

  2. apply modifier, select the part you need subd’d, invert the selection and set the mean crease to 1

There are caveats to both methods compared to Modo.

Hmmm. I think Modos way Subd per face and not the whole object is better for concept modelling phase ! Tor Frick uses this technique of partial SubD and Non Subd meshes under One Item and booleans on Non subd plus Polystein Kit on subd.
It is actually prety advance method but not possible in Blender ufortunately !

Depending on the context you can use the bevel modifier as a partial subdividision replacement since it supports vertex groups. Obviously this is a work around and not applicable to all conditions.

See the image

You can also use some of Blender node addons like Sverchok or Sorcar for emulating partial subdivision.

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Thanks for the Info ! :::

Yes! we still can’t do this in 2.91 it seems? I do this quite often in Modo. I also use a custom context menu for most of my modelling - the Pie Menu Editor plugin is super useful for this!

Does anyone know how to assign Circle Select to RMB drag?

just like other but change to default RMB value to “Click” and for your Circle Select stay at “Any”

Also I recomend addon

it can select without toggling X-ray mod

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We know how Modo shows selected vertices/edges.

Is there some advantage the way Blender does the same? I’m not sure I understand why Blender highlights polygons also in vert/edge modes:

P.S. I know I can uncheck “Highlight Selected Faces”, but then it doesn’t show polys…

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It’s not highlighting them, it’s selecting them. If you select two verts on an edge, you select that edge. If you select all edges around a face, you select a face. Etc. etc. I can’t say why this was done this way historically. But lately, as the devs keep plugging holes in tools, the system’s been showing its downsides. Or rather, highlighting the crutches put in place due to its downsides.

For example, if you take a cube in edge selection mode and bevel all edges, then in 2.82 you end up with only new geometry selected, which is actually a bug. Since 2.83 that bug is fixed, and now everything is selected. Ironically, the buggy behavior was actually more useful. Sometimes you can sidestep this by switching to face select mode beforehand, but sometimes you can’t (e.g. beveling every vertex in an Icosphere or any other grid to punch some holes - in recent versions you just can’t have the proper selection anymore).


Yeah, I don’t like it either. IMO it muddies the waters.


Think of it as a hybrid selection system so you don’t have to constantly jump between 3 different component modes.

I’m coming from Max and found this strange at first too, but once you get used to it it can be quite useful.


@Stan_Pancakes I would disagree :slightly_smiling_face: I prefer using terminology highlighting/showing in this case. As long as I’m at the vertex mode, I’m going to interact with vertices only. If I selected 4 vertices it’s 4 vertices for me. The rest is the job of a system under the hood. The same for edges. And yes, I guess we all know the basis theory: 2 vertices=1edge, >2edges=1polygon, 3edges polygon=triangle, 4edges p… etc. :slight_smile:

My impression of the blender approach in this area - it distracts a lot. Sometimes it’s harder to see vertices/edges. @Jeric_Synergy Yeah, nicely said: “it muddies the waters” )) That’s why I asked is there some hidden gem in it before disabling it completely

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Once you start extruding edges grom verts, in 3d space, with no connecting faces, you will see the ingenious nature of this system. :slight_smile: No other DCC can model like this. It’s a very powerful modeling feature.

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I just tried multiple extrusions. I’m not sure I’ve noticed what do you mean :thinking:

Can you clarify please?

It’s a modeling method, similar to edge extrusion modeling so you’re generally working on open edges. You can basically extrude/clone verts in space and join them with edges/faces on the fly using the F tool.

Chris from CG Masters tutorials show this technique off very well.

I also use this method for creating sub-d spline-like geo to mimic how I would work with splines in Max.

That is the case because tools are changing their behavior according to selection.

Before Blender 2.45, there was no selection mode.
You were always working in vertex selection mode.
So, selecting 2 vertices was changing tool behavior to act on edge connecting them.
Selecting 3 or 4 vertices was changing tool behavior to act on face connecting them.
What you did, by changing selection mode, can be done without a switch by staying in Vertex Select mode.
To extrude only vertices, you have to call Alt E menu and choose Extrude Vertices.

So, if you want to change that, that implies to rewrite the oldest, common and widely used tools to split them into 3 tools.
Which would be unpopular and probably inefficient. Because that is really rare to make a modeling operation only on vertices that is not supposed to affect edges and faces too.
Necessary exceptions have been added. But there is no reason to expand that to all already existing tools, if there is no benefit to gain.

There is no difference happening in bending a selection of vertices, corresponding selection of edges and corresponding selection of polygons. Or there is no gain to limit ability to use Bend tool to Vertex Select mode.
So, highlighting selection of all components is probably a more faithful and more relevant way to communicate expected behavior of tool.

If you only have a bunch of vertices highlighted : that means that those vertices are not the ones directly involved in creation of surrounded edges and faces. That means that your mesh have doubles to remove.
In fact, other software are doing a bad job.
Displaying less things may seem more pleasant, more relaxing. Reality is that is giving less info.


That’s not how it works, so I’m not sure what you’re disagreeing with, but that’s your choice, I guess.

Oh, got what you meant. Yeah, I’m aware of this method. Although I don’t often use it.

Thanks you all guys for your replies, appreciate it!

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The process is actually called selection flushing by the way. There are definite up and downsides to it.


By the way - is there a way to increase width of selected edges besides their color?
Couldn’t find anything regarding it at the Themes -> 3D Viewport panel

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it’s just a limitation… no edge groups either… :wink: