For Modo user switching to Blender 2.8

If you’re a Modo user and recently switched to Blender 2.8 please let me know what your Foundry forum name in here, so I know who whos. I know quite a few of us are either going full blown Blender and others are adding Blender as part of the their Modo pipeline.

Feel free to post any question about modo/Blender , tips,techniques,etc.


Why are you switching? Modo is a really nice app really.


It’s Free :wink:


I’m a freelance modeler BTW. Free has little to do with switching, IMHO Blender is a better modeler . I just got really tired of the destructive modelling in Modo, often clients will want something change, so the Blender stack is awesome for that, the procedural modelling in Modo seems like a after thought the way it’s implemented, I don’t click with it. Also Blender as a bigger developer community, so lots of free and paid for addons(hardOPS,Box cutter,etc ,render engines).

2.8 was a turning point since they are revamping the key mapping,and the GUI. EEVEE is great, Cycle is great.


Fair enough. I was just curious, I have been using Modo since 2002, go figure ( you might say it was not out then). I still use it a lot along with Blender.

They compliment each other a lot. In fact I am going to work on a new addon soon for better modeling workflow between Modo and Blender.

I stil think that Modo’s renderer is superior. In any case I love both and I do not need to give one over other. it is naturally important to understand the weaknesses and strengths of the tools that we use so we can use them for the right purpose.

Yes Blender is a better modeler, at least it is offers more practical tool set and workflows.

Good luck with Blender, it is a sharp turn but you will like it.


Glad to have you! If you haven’t already, take a look at what Heavypoly is up to with 2.8; he also switched from Modo.


Not trying to butt in, but I have a pretty good tutorial for folks who use other 3D apps and want to get started rendering in 2.8 with EEVEE.

I recently changed awhile back and I have to say I’m in love with Blender! Non destructive modelling is just amazing.


Hi Son. Like you, I’ve been switching my 3D workflow over from MODO to primarily Blender, though I’ve been working with Blender 2.79 for client work and opening 2.8 for learning and ogling EEVEE and the awesome viewport that 2.8 has.

Why did I move over from MODO to Blender? First off, I have not completely stopped using MODO … yet. 2.8 may change that, though. However, my primary reason for switching to Blender is the current MODO licencing. I don’t like subscription-based licences and I don’t like being “forced” to pay yearly for maintenance (if you let your maintenance lapse, the price of re-entry goes up, etc.). But, to my surprise, after taking the time to learn Blender 2.79, I found that Blender modeling actually clicked with me. Like you, I like Blender’s non-destructive way of modeling. I also find that Blender has a few tools that really make my life easier … simple things like activating Bevel and simply rolling the middle mouse button to adjust how many edges are in the bevel. I like being able to snap the viewport to a view (top, right, etc.) will tumbling via a simple key press (holding alt) and many other simple things that just make my life easier while modeling.

My MODO forum user name is the same (Argent Arts).


I should add that I find it a lot easier to search for solutions for issues I run into with Blender. There seems to always be a video or post providing solutions (often several of them). And I love all the addons, free and paid for! The Blender community is very active and there seems to be an addon for most things.


I hear you, for many of us Modo has become stale, most notably after the Foundry acquisition of Luxology. At some point Modo users realize the updates are not really adding that much value to the software at this point. Blender has a lot of momentum going for it, there is generally something to look forward. The modeling became very good with certain plugins thrown into the mix, and unlike Modo the GUI is not an eye sore.

Still waiting for the Industry Standard Keymap to migrate over completely.


Switched from Modo to blender about 2 years ago. No regrets. Really looking forward to 2.8.
CG Masters Jeep Cherokee video really opened my eyes to modelling in blender.

Nothing wrong with modo, but as a hobbyist the cost of upgrading was getting quite expensive so I stopped at 801.

The main thing I miss from Modo with regard to modelling is the work-plane and aligning your views to it. I have found workarounds in blender but they are more convoluted.


Modo might look like a nice app but it has an imo huge PR-disaster which affects long-term usage due to this public statement from HgCapital Trust plc (they have bought Foundry).

The core NUKE business is performing in line with our investment plan, but existing non-NUKE products – particularly MODO – and new investment products are behind our initial plan on both revenue and EBITDA contribution.
The Developers thou are friendly and trying to defuse the situation but its imo clear that they apparently are not financially aligning with the goals of Hg Capital Trust plc.

Due to the purchase of a student license bundle, where Modo was included to fix students to use as many Foundry tools as possible, I had access to Modo but the couple buyouts and changes of products brought up multiple issues where I decided without hesitation that the time I could spend in Modo is better spent in other commercial solutions and of course in Blender.


I started using modo at 201 and stopped at 601, around 601 time myself and two brothers wrote a mobile game (iOS/Android) using unity. I was doing the graphics (using a different 3D engine) but we switched to unity 4.x and I also switched to do the coding for the game and one of my brothers switched to doing the graphics.

He didn’t have modo or any 3D experience and started using blender, he got real good with it real quick and we released the game.

Since then I haven’t done much 3D work but I am getting back into it with some new projects/ideas I want to pursue.

I can update to the latest version of modo but like some others don’t like the sound of how the new license system works or the continuing maintenance each year. Also I was never 100% happy about Lux selling to the Foundry, anyway I saw what my brother achieved in short time so have decided to use Blender, especially with the way 2.8 is shaping up. For what I want to achieve EEVEE is going to be a godsend.

I like open source and if it works out I will start giving my money to the blender foundation.

P.S. Forgot to add my Foundry name is Drocket.


Oddly enough, I saw a blender plugin that recreates the “workplane” posted on the Foundry forums.

While it might not work or be accessible with 2.8, it could probably be updated to work well with it.


I like open source and if it works out I will start giving my money to the blender foundation

It’s great new users consider a monthly donation.

It really helps!


I have been a member of Blender cloud for awhile and have been contributing to the cause!

Been a Maya user since original Beta… Also a Modo user since 1.0. I have already been adding Blender 2.8 to my pipeline. EEVEE is becoming indispensable to my work in games/sim space, and also on my short film(rendering in a game engine). I would like to move fully to Blender 2.8 but things like a working workplane system are holding me back fully in the modeling realm. That said there are some REALLY great things in Blender and I am definitely enjoying my time in the application.

Speaking of Heavypoly and addon development, check out his latest stream. He uses a new addon called QBlocker, which is a pretty damn awesome. No more messing around with object origins or snapping - just place primitives where you want. Video below should start at 5:18. If not, go to that timestamp.

Here’s a link to the addon itself. Give it a shot. It’s free.


qblocker is fantastic…
I would like to be adopted in blender a similar snapping approach everywhere …
I have often done similar proposals in the past…


This has been planned from the beginning. It’s why we have the Add Cube tool in Edit Mode, which is supposed to be the beginning of it. For some reason, Campbell stopped working on it, and so it has been left in this half finished state since the Code Quest ended.

I hope that either he or someone else steps up to finish it.

Blender really needs a developer who focuses mainly on these sorts of things: Maybe the Qblocker guy could contribute to help developing this further.


Not a Modo user here. I’m from the other side of the fence - Silo.
Tried modo numerous times between 101-301, never clicked with me. As much as I liked the look of it, I never liked the feel in it.

I do go check out that blender megathread over at modo forums every now and then, there’s some good blender news info there all the time :slight_smile:

I read recently in that thread some people mentioning waiting on the ‘industry standard’ keymap.
Just wanted to let you know that I had already started building and using one some time ago. Maybe some of you want to give it a spin?
The one I had built fot 2.6x-7x had been mentioned there way back, and remember got some good feedback.

Anyway, here’s where you can grab it, it’s got all the info there.


I’m a Modo and C4D user as well. Just started to learn Blender in 2017 and it’s my main app today.
Talking about Modo, I stopped at V10.2 because development seems to not paying attention to animation and VFX improvements. Blender is the exact middle spot between Modo and C4D, and I save more than $1000 in upgrades per year. My wife did approve our last holidays :slight_smile: