keKit for Blender (2.8+)

The Mouse Mirror tool is extremely easy and fast to use regardless of any position in my opinion. And you can think of 3D cursor as any sort of the planes (mirror, workplane etc.). In the video above I showed it, using 3D cursor as interactive point for mirroring (0:27)

Actually I have the cut/copy/paste mesh command working on a pie menu.
But when mapping it to a keyboard shortcut under the Mesh shortcuts it didn’t work. (it works global so, but I don’t want to mess it with object commands).
Any idea?

Thats the command: bpy.ops.view3d.ke_copyplus(mode=‘CUT’)

About the mirror tool. Yes you are right, but I miss the adjust able gizmo…

I would suggest to check for conflicts in all of these:

I think the best way to find doubles is type your combo into Key-Binding window

I know… there are none.

another thing that I’m not sure how to do is, the shift control move clone in Modo. This works on faces and edges.
So in Blender you can extrude an edge per normal and you even can display the gizmo, but then yet need to select the gizmo and with another click you can drag it.
Dublierte is the same, but the Modo way is much faster.

Use “Add Duplicate” , Shift+D or Ctrl+D (not sure witch one is by default) and MMB for choosing any axis.
I would suggest the following topic for more general questions: “For Modo user switching to Blender 2.8” (
It is possible to make Blender more user friendly and quite similar to Modo, and keKitt is one of the best addons on the path of doing so :slight_smile:

When I configured mesh copy paste to ctrl + c and ctrl + b in edit mode they worked just fine, though that was a while ago. Will have to update to 3.0 and update all addons to see if there are any problems now.

@RobertLe I also believe that TT Dupe was added in the meanwhile, which you could set to ctrl+shift + LMB release to extrude edges. I know I requested this, but didn’t have an opportunity to use Blender lately so I cannot confirm it at the moment.

Yes I know thanks, but I was hopping for more cool KeKit tools :grinning:

It was a blast for me when I discovered that I can hold Ctrl and LMB-drag for moving along proper axis without touching the gizmo in Modo.
So, I liked the blender’s method of doing so. Plus there’re addons that improve it even further :slight_smile:

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Yeah so what I am saying is I believe that kjell added a gizmo-less extrusion method for edges and faces that works based on Blender’s axis/ plane constraints (equivalent to pressing ‘x’ or ‘alt+x’). And if you configure that to the keys I described, you should have something that’s superior to anything that’s available on Max/ Modo for extrusions. :wink:

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TT Dupe ? Not sure what that is… I should start reading more.

I found out that Cut/copy/paste doesn’t work on keyboard all down to Blender 2.9 … maybe I still doing something wrong so. Command line was not helpful here.

As for MMB. .yeah I just hate that button… I try to avoid it. But thanks, thats really nice when doublicating. just strange its on MMB and not on LMB. Well the gizmo works now, so anyway.

Reg. Shortcut issue:

1st - To make sure it is not a shortcut conflict - Right Mouse Button assign(or change) shortcut on Cut+ button to CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-7 (or similarly convoluted, guaranteed to not be used by anything).

2nd, if still not working, to make sure it is not caused by some other add-on somehow (forcing a hotkey in some way, naming clash, idk), or a corrupt config file of some sort, it should be tried on a clean blender install, with just kekit added. (e.g. a beta/alpha blender version)

And if THAT does not work, I will take a look…no promises though, since this is the only such issue that has been reported to me reg. these operators, and it works on my machine:wink:

Already through both… I just don’t get it works on the pie menu. In my opinion it has to do with the command, maybe it needs a second one.

You cant get it to work on a clean blender install, with just kekit, no imported prefs at all?

Hi Kjell, how are you doing?

For version 1.462, I am receiving this error in the console:

Feature requests

  1. Since it appears as though forgotten tools is no longer maintained, would you be interested in adopting selection sets: Forgotten tools?
  2. For the view bookmarks, it would be nice if you could render the viewport and use this as thumbnail for the bookmarks. These could be rendered in a low resolution and would show which view is which. This could then also be extended for Cameras, so you could pick the appropriate camera more easily. The thumbnails could be refreshed for all or for selected views/ cameras. Do you think this is currently possible?
    It works this way in Rhino and is quite nice:

So many things were added in the meantime, it’s really amazing. I also love the new panel layout and arrangement!

TT Tools
I am, however, having some issues with the TT tools, as I cannot seem to associate a hotkey to these three buttons to change the mode with a single button press. This used to be possible in an older version. If I associate a hotkey to them now, it will they activate TT cycle, so I can no longer activate any mode directly. Could you add three operators for the three modes (none, mouse axis and view plane) so the modes can be toggled discretely in addition to cycling?

TT Dupe
Also could you make it so that there are two specific TT Dupe operators, one with Dupe Linked enabled and one with Dupe Linked disabled? That way I can always duplicate linked with Alt+\ and only duplicate the object with Ctrl+\ as to avoid mistakes from an active/ Inactive Dupe Linked toggle.

Linear array HUD
On my 4k monitor the HUD for Linear array is so small I cannot read it:

This was also the case in version 1.421 on my old 2.92 install. Could you add a HUD scaling in the Addon preferences?

E: For the Context Sensitive connect, could invoking the hotkey with no selection activate the knife tool?


@RobertLe these should fix the issues you are experiencing with Copy+:

What you may want to check is that the modes were asigned to Copy, Cut and Paste in particular (just click the dropdown items to set them if they are greyed out). I have personally opted to use these operators within the Mesh workspace, but I see it now supports object mode as well in the docs.

Context extrude
And this is the TT tool equivalent for extrusion:

If you check the checkbox alongside Context extrude, it will take the TT tools constraints into account. Whenever you extrude a face, it does so by mouse axis. For edges and vertices, you can set it to none, mouse axis and view plane (VP).

I set it up like so:

The reason being, on my UK layout keyboard, the \ key is next to the left Shift key, so I can use it as additional modifier for instancing objects. And it allows me to reserve Ctrl, Shift and Alt combinations for all possible selection methods. You could opt to use Shift as modifier though, then it would act the same way as edge extrude in 3ds Max (though I believe they now changed this). Be aware though, that you should release the modifier key prior to extruding the last segment, because a mouse click also invokes the next extrusion when the modifier is held!

Thanks a million for your help. The keyboard shortcuts now work. Not sure what I did wrong, but this solved it!
Just noted that strangely Blender doesn’t have a object or node cut tool. Its just copy paste or duplicate… At least for Nodes someone should add this.

Heh, thanks for the feedback, and the many requests ;>

URL error: This is the version update check. This error is not on my end nor the webservice, afaik. Check your net settings, firewall, permissions etc. I dont really know.
p.s. “FILE_OT_execute” error : Not kekit related afaik, probably some keymap conflict issue from importing to 3.0 (I had the same until I cleaned up my keymap file.)

Forgotten Tools: No.

View bookmark thumbnails: No.

TT tools shortcuts: ed. Hmm. I will check. But it should be noted that I intended these to be used for cycling, with just one hotkey. Or clicking the button in the viewport.

TT Dupe: Yes. ( begrudgingly. I prefer reducing the amount of hotkeys ;>)

HUD Scaling: Yes - I will be using the scaling value from blender prefs tho, not a custom one.

Connect Knife: Do you mean Maya Connect? (JFYI-PSA, I regret this name, might change at some point) , not sure, TBD.


Hey, happy new year!

Yes, I meant Maya connect, with no selection > invoke knife tool. I see that as a ‘selection-less connect’ and Machin3 did the same with his smartedge, though that one only connects verts.
“Context connect” would seem a logical name :yum:

I wouldn’t know where to start for the update check error message either, maybe someone else has an idea?

Yeah I do too, going over all the new features you’ve added since the last time I updated, I managed to free up quite some keys. You’ve done great work there! :slight_smile:

Hey Kjell ,
Pls check “Merge To Mouse” tool. It doesn’t merge more than 2 edges in v1.462: