keKit for Blender (2.8)

Hello! I started using blender a few months ago, and I (inevitably) wound up starting a new kit…(I have spent more time in Modo doing python than art the last few years as well…)

Check it out!
Premiere Video

Update Video


Nice tool! Thank you and welcome! I very like itemize funktion.
One suggestion for “bridge or fill tool”.
If you select one edge > nothing happens at the moment
If you select 2 edges >bridge
If you select border > fill or gridfill
If you select one edge > F2 addon behavior
If you select 2 edges >bridge
If you select border > fill or gridfill

This is great! lots of really fantastic tools. I’d love an option for the unrotator to simply set the orientation of the origin to the active selection and not rotate the object, it’s a simple feature I’ve wanted for ages that no script has done in a really simple way.

Thanks for the feedback guys! I think both of those suggested features are easy enough to add - I will look into them. (currently working on some object features for fitprim (and sphere tool ;> ), so after that)

someguyihate: Just so im understanding you: Would that be like using my “Itemize” script, but on the whole object (=all the faces in the mesh selected) ? (you can do that, though it creates a new obj leaving the old empty)

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Amazing !! Thank you very much.

ex modo user (which I left because modo is going in the wrong direction in my opinion) I am really happy to use your Kit unrotator is great :slight_smile:

Updated! (editing first post)


Thank you for the Add-on. One little request is the (FitPrim Cube) is it possible to do a (FitPrim Polygon or rectangle to with in the selected face or faces)

Well, yes, but I’d prob do it as another tool.
Like the one I have in the Modo version:


That is very nice. Thanks
Do you think it is possible to create a separate object from FitPrim? There for the new added geometry is an individual object.

yup, added in the previous update (see first post). if want to do it post-facto, you can use the Itemize script.

Nice, work really well. Thanks

basically! I essentially just want to update the objects origin (rotation) to the normal of a selected face/edge/vert in the simplest way possible, hopefully just a button, which doesn’t seem far off from what the unrotator script does already, so hopefully it’s easy!