Sorry didn’t know that it exists here. So I will also post some examples in blend file where it would be beneficial to have it work in additive mode:
PunchitAdditivExamples.blend (991.8 KB)

I will likely look into this for the 1.1 release.

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This looks like an add-on that I will soon buy. I like that it’s stand alone. But I do have one question. When I extrude, can I set a fixed deaph in cm or m? If not, will you add that ability?

After I buy it, I will probably have more questions.

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You can adjust the amount after the operation in the redo panel. This uses Blender Units, not cm or m, so It depends on how your units are set up I guess.

See documentation: https://machin3.io/PUNCHit/docs/
and FAQ: https://machin3.io/PUNCHit/docs/faq/

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Exiting news, congrats on the launch!

A minor feature request for the positive extrude, for when you get to it.
Kekit has view and mouse direction based constraints for any translation tools, so you don’t need to press X/Y/Z or their equivalents for plane based constraints. It does so with TT-tools:

TT tools Video


Notice that in Kekit, this system works also for Context Extrude, which extrudes Vertices/ Edges/ Faces depending on the mode you are in. I understand you would be reluctant to rely on a third party addon for this, but I definitely think it is a good opportunity to integrate both for general extrusion tools. It saves a quite a few inputs in the long run :slight_smile:

Also, how feasible would it be to automatically run a Machin3tools cleanup after a PunchIt operation? As in integrate the two in one tool?

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I set my default as cm. The way you describe it should work for me. I will probably buy it later today.

Thank you for the links. I will look through them.

Yes this is easily possible. I could also automatically push and pull. I’ve not done this so far, because both of these steps will cause the imprecision issues that I talk about in the tool’s video to accumulate.
Also cleanup will affect the entire mesh, and so could potentially merge things you don’t want to merge, especially if the threshold is off for the scale you are working at.

For now I think it’s better to leave these as consciously chosen steps to the user.
I’ll play with these ideas for the 1.1 release though. It certainly would make it appear even more fluid, and not a “nightmare to use” as some idiot on youtube claimed before even using it.

I’ll comment on the rest later. Thanks.

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v1.0.0 is out! | https://punch.machin3.io - Gumroad, Blendermarket, Documentation

See what’s new .


  • initial release

Thanks everyone for the interest and support so far. I’ve updated the first post of the thread, and here’s now the first release post too! Hope you enjoy punching.


Another great addon from you :smiley: , Blender’s version feels so broken, which is a shame.


Maybe you could expose both cleanup settings incl. threshold, extrusion depth, constraint (edge/ normal, etc.) in the redo last panel? In addition to adding the cleanup settings in the modal. Maybe it is even possible to preview the parts of the mesh affected by the cleanup tool, similar to the blue extrusion box. Just some thoughts, you know these things better than I do anyways, especially performance wise.


I heard that Punchit is included in a new update of MACHIN3tools DeusEX. I wonder how long it will take :grinning:


Can’t say exactly. A lot to do right now. Code wise it should be feature complete and I’ll put the latest release candidate on Patreon this week.

For the public release I intend to fully document the group tool set though, as none of the Blender youtubers thought this to be a worthy source of content in over a year, probably because there is no affiliate money to make from MACHIN3tools and that’s what seems to be driving this entire space these days.

3.1 is coming up next week and DM and MM need to be updated for it too, so MACHIN3tools 1.0 will definitely come after that.

This post delayed the release by 5 minutes. Everybody hates you now.


same question, i thought he was making a separate release, i have deus ex too…



It’s true i now hate you :slight_smile:


+1 on the hate :rofl:


no, I like him now :money_mouth_face:

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Hey Machin3, I was wondering if it would be possible to add an N Panel toggle to the next punchit update and subsequently to Machin3tools? I recently went to clean up my sidebar and found this was one of the few set of tools that didn’t have options for renaming or hiding the sidebar options entirely. Its a small thing but I would appreciate it :slight_smile:

Love the tools! Thanks for making them.

I‘m happy for every plugin which doesn’t have a n-panel. I‘ve serious space issues in the panel and I‘m already filtering the plugins…