For Modo user switching to Blender 2.8

You no need Interactive tool for 1 2 3 (smart edge/vert/face mode).
Look at “Industry Compatible” keymap, there 1 2 3 is like in Modo.

How to setup:
go in “3D View - Object Non-modal” and set like on picture

command object.mode_set_with_submode
and then disable key for hide collection (for 1 2 and 3)


Thank you. I need interactive tools because it can remember selections. Saving selections doesn’t work with non modal or regular select mode. Thanks to you I figured it out. I had to detach regular “select mode” as well as “hide collection” and then attach interactive tools. Now Blender can remember selections like Modo.

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I’d like to ask for help. I’ve been struggling with this for a long time.

There is a set of tools in the addon LoopTools. The one tool I use the most is Circle. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to use it in a way that produces predictable results as in Modo with Align Circle tool.

Sometimes circle tool works fine but it’s more luck for me because I can’t predict how it’ll behave in different scenarios.

Here is a very simple case.

I don’t get why it rotates the circle? Can it be fixed around local origin point and distribute vertices evenly without rotating them?

Is there a better tool to use? Even if it’s paid I’d be happy to buy it because the current solution really makes me mad because it basically doesn’t work in most cases for me and I need to use other more complicated ways to produce the same result.

I have the same behavior and also struggling with it by manually tuning after.
Other thing “Mesh - Transform - To Sphere”, it do not rotate selected but also do not make perfect circle.

Try to select edge loop and use LoopTool - Relax with iteration 25 (it can be multiple loops selected)

hey everyone, I just switched to Blender from Modo after years of hesitation. Tried two years ago but ran back to Modo. Now I must say I’ve switched over and loving Blender a lot. I was never a pro in Modo but knew enough to model what I need. I just have a few noob questions on what is the blender equivalent for these tools. Appreciate your help.

  • Edge Weight Tool (Also, how do I display edge weight numbers when I need to make changes later or use same weight values for another edge and need to refer to previously used values?)

  • Duplicate Mirror and Radial Array (I work with symmetrical objects a lot and need to duplicate mirror or array selected faces often)

  • Falloff Tool

  • Mesh Constraints (to background) … Need to quickly snap and align vertices to shape of another object.

  • Mesh Cleanup (I know under Mesh dropdown, there is a Clean Up tool set. Is there one tool like in Modo that will do it all?)

  • Process of exporting model as .stl for 3d printing. In Modo, I bevel hard edges, then freeze the low poly subd catmull clarke model, then subd smooth it again before exporting as .stl file. Is the process similar in Blender?


To see weight on the edge - open ‘N’ panel ‘Item’ tab

but I highly recommend to reed this topic about matching visually values with other programs

Duplicate Mirror it’s the same as just duplicate and scale by -1 on some axis in item properties.
Or look at ‘MouseMirror’ in latest keKit addon.

Radial Array possible with addons like Interactive Tools (you can do it by hand with ‘Empty’ but it so annoying), with RMB on object appears menu ‘Interactive Tools - Radial Symmetry’ (at the top see the description)

True Modo user =) I miss them too.
Blender have Proportional Editing, but I barely use it…
Proportional Editing
If I need to proportional edit something I use ‘Interactive Tools - Quick Lattice’

Closest thing in blender it’s modifier Shrinkwrap just google youtube about it (one of example, also here nice example with specific vertex weighting).

keKit: Cleaning Tools tab - Macro Mesh Clean

Can’t say anything about it, not familiar with 3D printing…but Blender have an built-in addon for work with 3D printing 3D-Print


thank you! I will give them all a try.

One more question, when I apply Subd on a mesh while in ‘Object Mode’ and then go into ‘Edit Mode’, how do I turn off the faceted mesh guidelines that seems to be juxtaposed over the smooth subd geometry. I would also like to be able to select faces/edges/vertices on the smooth subd mesh instead and not those of the juxtaposed faceted mesh. Hope I explained that well

If I understood you correctly.
Shade Smooth it’s RMB on object.

Forgot to mention, disable this to match sds like in other soft
P.S. keKit have SDS option, and it can be toggled like in Modo ‘Shift+Tab’ with preset options (Modeling Tab - Subd Tools - SubD Toggle).

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Is there a convert selection option either in add-on or vanilla? faces to edges, verts to edges?

Just select edges and switch to Vertex Mode and it convert edges to verts, etc.

In vanilla keymap, ctrl+1, 2, 3 (or ctrl+click selection mode icon) converts selection. From verts or edges to adjacent faces, from faces to fully contained edges or verts. For straight up one-to-one conversion though you don’t need anything, multiselection is implicit in Blender: selecting both verts on an edge selects the edge as well, etc.

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thank you… exactly what I need.

Is there no default hotkey to quickly toggle between Subd smooth mode and face mode while inside ‘Edit Mode’?

As I know - no.
But if you make object Shade Smooth you can specify how smooth polygons should be in Edit mode.
Here is the option

You can set it to 0 and toggle on and off. Also you can assign hotkey for toggling by RMB on checkbox and select ‘Assign Shortcut’.

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cl2635, you can add nearly everything to your quick menu… even check boxes. Just right click, and add the function to the quick menu. These menus are seperated for any mode, so you might have to set these functions twice, e.g. for object and edit mode, etc.

And, aside this, I can strongly recommend tools like HardOps/BoxCutter and especially MeshOps. This will make much steps much more convenient, especially if you tend to use modifiers like mirror or batch functions like sharpen.

To clean up my .blend files I’m using “Atom Bomb”, now “Atomic Data Manager” to get rid of unused data blocks/materials/textures/etc. (Recently the tool was updated, I’ve totally overseen the newer and free version till last week)

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thank you to all the suggestions… Blender is a powerful and highly customizable software it seems. Will keep playing around and see what tools/add ons are best for what I need to do and add them as I go along. Trying to get familiar with default tools available in Blender first

This is always a good idea, using blender vanilla first (after dropping modo I did the same…)

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Disagree. I’d say that’s the worst idea of them all. Blender tools are half baked as they don’t have the same range of functionalities as Modos and they require roundabout ways to get things done. That way requires time to figure out what is what, learn roundabout ways of doing things and adjust to new keysetup needlesly. If he comes from Modo, the right way is to buy “Simple Modo to Blender config” which mimics basic Modo navigation and manipulation with widgets, “Mira tools” for bend/twist and other deformers, “interactive tools” for memorizing selections, instant edit mode, extrude tools etc., “kekit” also for modeling/mirroring/copypasting/extracting to new mesh as well as arrays; “Originie” or “Pivot transform” for origin manipulation and one of the several selection set addos. After that, he can sort out UV addons he likes.

This is why this thread is here in the first place so people don’t learn Blender the Blender way but to make it behave and work like Modo.

I am here to learn how to translate the Modo way into the Blender way
and to get an overview what is possible in Blender or what is missing.
I also appreciate the hints to AddOns that add some functionality.

Your point of view, fine.

For me, trying to emulate another program is imho a waste of time, understanding native program logic might help you solving problems at their roots, well invested time.

To add modo like functionality to Blender, as Kkar does, is great. Possible due to Blenders structure. (I think I was one of his first customers, an insta buy and a no brainer till now)

About half baked / available features and addons: Remember, neither Etérea tools, Mesh Fusion nor Mop were initially developed by luxo or foundry, maybe some routines of the last two mentioned were inspired by machin3 or teamb…

While I understand the logic I realize, that with the automation of workflow procedures by making them simpler and with vast available help contents, the time of learning native programs logic for edge case scenarios has well passed. In any case it’s an interesting choice, learning subpar tool workflows instead of customizing it to be on the higher level. If anything ex Modo community is lucky in that regard here.